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    Quarter glass

    What condition is the molding in, any chance you could get a few close up pictures? Joe
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    first time posting on the forum

    Michael, Sorry to hear about your friend passing away. Go to the Cars For Sale forum and you can post a listing with a description and pictures of the car you want to sell. Where in MA are you? Joe
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    phishing email attempt?

    I saw that same email on my phone in the junk folder but not on the home PC. I'm over at (TBN) and they had a problem with that. Are you a member over there also? Joe
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    Testing the test!

    The testing of testing the test passed the test! :) Joe
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    Looking good! Joe
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    just testing things

    Looks good! Joe
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    Where are your wheels?! Joe
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    Testing the test!

    Test test test
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    Another membership issue question

    I posted in the original thread for you to let them know, hope it gets straightened out for you. Joe
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    Forums upgrade/migration

    I don't mind poking around Pat, let me know! :) Joe
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    Desperate need

    What's the fluid look like now though? The MLPS is bolted onto the side of the tranny, let's the computer know what gear the car should be in. If it's bad that might be your problem. Joe
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    Desperate need

    Dropping out of gear like that could be a bad MLPS. Have you checked the fluid condition? Using Mercon V? Joe
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    THIS is what's in the box!

    Thanks Pat! Joe
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    Stuck on defrost?? wtf?

    Freakin' rodents! Joe
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks! :) Joe