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    Lotek Pillar Pods

    Hey guys! I know you did a group buy last year, would anyone be interested in doing them again this year? If not, does anyone know if there is a coupon through our group? Thanks in advance!
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    Spark plug question

    So I understand that when overdriving the blower I need to run colder spark plugs with a smaller gap and bigger wires I was wondering how the autolite xp5144 compare to the autolite 103 plugs
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    looking for abs pump motor for 90' sc

    I have one I got from the big e. Its brand new rebuilt with roller bearings. I have no use for it, i'm going to conventional in the spring. Its been put in but didn't fix my problem :) Pm me if interested.
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    Exhaust Advice

    Aw my post turned into a weather debate :) Michigan uses a lot of salt as well, thats why my baby never sees even rain (but on occasion she does :( ) Flex - I have a walbro 255 in my early model tank. Interested in the late model tank but don't know if its worth it if companies make systems for...
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    Exhaust Advice

    Ralph - I appreciate it! Its embarassing when you're with your SC buddies and use the wrong terms :) I will most likely pm dalke...thanks for the help!
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    Exhaust Advice

    Ok so I think I found what I want, and then I will have to choose mufflers. I think i'm gonna go with the SCP 3" - but now i'm torn on the headers to get. I would either like the mid or full length Kooks the SCP offers. For those...
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    Exhaust Advice

    Blownbird - do you have 2.5 duals all the way back? If so, do you have the newer gas tank or did you have it specially bent for you? I just can't see how in the world I could get 5+" in the drivers side of the gas tank! lol Mel- I def want performance versus sound. I'm getting way too much...
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    Exhaust Advice

    Hey guys! Hope you all had fun at the Shootout, wish we could've made it! We are doing some brainstorming on exhaust options because I've got too much restriction going on... I would like a full system (manifold to the muffler branch) but I already have flowmaster mufflers...i'm open to someone...
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    2012 SC Shootout: <1 Day Left... What's Left to Do?!

    Hope everyone has an awesome time! Last year's rookie award winner isn't gonna make it this year :( Please take lots of pictures to post!!
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    Official 2012 SC Shootout Event Thread

    Thank you sir :) Hope he has a good first shootout...i'll be pretty big by september and i don't know if it'll be a good idea to drive to Kentucky with a big belly!
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    Official 2012 SC Shootout Event Thread

    Whelp some good and bad news...bad news first. This "rookie award" winner from last year, won't be attending the shootout this year. On the other hand, we are expecting a baby in January so saving $$$ is our top priority right now :) Hope everyone has a great time!
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    in need of an abs pump motor!!

    Sorry this isnt in the wanted to buy section but its pretty urgent. Im in need of an abs pump motor for my 91 sc. I have a spare that is seized if someone wants that and mine when I get it out...maybe that can cut down on price? Thanks guys
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    B&M Shifter, If you want one let me know.

    Dont have the cash for one right now but it will be a definite must for me when I can...let me know when you make the order and I will try to work something out with you. Thanks :)
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    Proportioning Valve...

    Apparently they are pretty hard to get your hands on so I was wondering if anyone had one laying around for a 91...please pm me price with shipping to 49505. Thank you!
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    any ideas? i'm stumped....

    Thanks guys, I will add it to my list of parts to buy before spring :) It is greatly appreciated!