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    Help! My 89 runs way too rich after mods

    I purchased a tune from bill at Supercoupe performance, I was informed that the adapter was no good or my maf was not good, I have a BA 2800 SCT meter and I played around with it yesterday and now the car will not even start, it acts as if there is no maf there at all.
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    Help! My 89 runs way too rich after mods

    Hi everyone, I recently just finished my 89 Thunderbird Supercoupe and after putting it all together, I’ve noticed that the car runs extremely rich. It holds an 11.60 on the wideband at idle and 9.0 at Wot. Here are the mods that I did to my car Pulley upgrade Jack and supercharger 75mm...
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    TWINcharged SC ???

    Twincharged SC Hello I am fairly new to SCCOA and I have a 1989 T-BIRD that was given to me by my father which he bought brand new in ‘89 I also bought a ‘93 T-Bird because I loved the ‘89 so much. I am just curious did you ever Twincharge your SC?