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    Any interest in 2022 Calendar?

    yup, Im in! Thanks for your effort!
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    Completely parted out 91 SC, white with red cloth

    parts Sent you a PM, Thanks. Tim
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    Finally tinted the windows

    Yea, nice contrast! What size wheels/tires are you running? Nice work, Tim
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    Rear Subframe Bushings (Used, just one of each type)

    Still looking? I sent you an PM. Tim
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    Dash form a 91 SC

    Hey Ed, Sent you a email. Thanks, Tim
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    Some stock and aftermarket parts

    David, I sent you a pm. Thanks, Tim
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    Supercoupe Performance

    Got this from Bill, The SCP website currently is showing a Server Error. This is a symptom of the success of our site because we frankly have too much information/pictures, too many products, and too much activity and our site is maxed out on memory. We need to upgrade the site and we are...
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    PARTING OUT 11 SCs FROM 89-95

    I do not, could you PM me? I greatly appreciate it! Tim
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    PARTING OUT 11 SCs FROM 89-95

    Anybody heard from Ed? Anyone heard back from Ed? I got a few things from him and he is usually quick to respond either here or via email. Thanks, Tim
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    Need a Gray Dash cover

    ?? Hey Guys, Not to mis-direct this thread, but- can our dashes be re-skinned or re covered? I had mine somewhat repaired a couple of years ago but it is so crispy it just cracked again sitting in the garage. I have seen a lot about the dash crack, but not a lot of talk about a permanent...
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    Please vote for my car!!

    I was 490, going to work later I'll try the different computer/browser thing. Good luck Tim
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    Drivers Side Manual Seat Track

    Thomas, I sent you a PM over at TCCoA. Thanks
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    WTB hood opening grilles for Cervinis Hood (89-93)

    When you get them,post the results and or how much "adjustment" they need. Thanks.
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    Which hood/front end on my SC?

    Anybody got pics? Bringing back the dead.. Happy Labor Day! I'm looking for pics/locations for the pin placement and pics of the underside of the finished hoods, etc. I'm sure a lot of folks have these. Trying to figure out how to make a clean install with a finished look. Thank you for...