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    This 89 xr7 needs a look

    Not my car , but I would guess somebody on here might know who it does belong to. One of you east coast guys needs to pick this up.
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    168,000 mile 94 5spd SC Black $3900 UT

    Well that's timing - I drove through SLC two days ago! I figured this had sold last year. How has the salt been on the undercarriage?
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    2 Gauge Pod W/ AutoMeter Boost/Vac and Narrowband AF Gagues

    were you tied into the factory O2 sensors with this?
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    Clunking noise coming from driver side front!!

    x2 on checking the sway bar end links. Haven't had this issue with an SC, but have found these to be a source of the clucking noise you describe on other vehicles
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    2 Gauge Pod W/ AutoMeter Boost/Vac and Narrowband AF Gagues

    Is this for the 89-93 with the auto seat belts?
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    Not mine, but here is the link Has to be a member's car. Was this posted here and I missed it?
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    Super Coupe wanted

    Manual or auto?
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    Crank Sensor Failure

    Okay, finally got time to work on this. Removed pulleys to get the plastic clamshell off, everything looked good. Balancer had no wobble, looked good, bolt tight - not missing. Changed the crank sensor out and replaced everything and have driven it a few times around town. Saved the sensor I...
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    Crank Sensor Failure

    I also find it suspicious that wiggling wires has temporarily solved the problem. I figured that if the sensor goes, it's gone. None of the connections were loose, all clean, no fraying of wires (which is what happened to the 93 crank sensor previously mentioned). The car has 75k on it, bone...
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    Crank Sensor Failure

    Has anyone out there ever had a crank sensor fail intermittently? Last month my 91 wouldn't start in the DRIVEWAY (best place for that!)- had the classic "upshift light on while cranking" telltale. Got out and scoped all the connections - nothing appeared loose and no wires compromised (which...
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    Nice sc on ebay

    #13 "Brining this post back from the dead! I just bought the car back. Super happy to have it back and back in the SC life!" Always nice to see someone get a second chance with their old car. Hold on to it!
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    Rock Auto Discount Code

    code 162934655148942347 21mar21
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    2021 Calendar is Ready

    ordered mine yesterday - thanks for putting this together.
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    Magnum Powers Inlet Plenum - SOLD

    also interested Would be interested in the whole shebang if the above doesn't work . . . .