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    89 super coupe Door Skin

    Anytime, glad I could help. -Tim
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    ISO owner Hail damaged car

    Red tops are the OE 30lb injectors in 89-93. -Tim
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    89 super coupe Door Skin

    Take black triangle trim piece off the upper corner near the mirror (1 Phillips screw). Use Phillips to remove the window panel and then disconnect switches from panel. While there you'll find a Phillips screw that goes into the metal door where the door handle meets the switches. Its in the...
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    Is there much difference between 94 LX V8 coil springs and 94 SC coil springs? Shows the different coil rates between the years/trims/springs. -Tim
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    Leaking trans pan

    Might seem unconventional but I've had bad ujoints cause the issue you're describing. Never felt the harmonics of the drive train inside the cabin or while driving but after a few days a leak would return. Mine impacted the rear tailshaft flange gasket. This was on my 95 SC...transmission...
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    Jackshaft Accessory Bracket Bolt Torque?

    I've always just tightened with a standard wrench till they were tight. Ive rebuilt and tore down 50+ Super coupes never an issue in 20 years. -Tim
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    Jack Shaft Pulley Bearing -- Help?

    Nope you'll be fine, just no power. -Tim
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    2300 TVS update

    Why the blower bypass belt? -Tim
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    What do people say about your Super Coupe?

    Yes just haven't finalized..likely this weekend just covered up. -Tim
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    What do people say about your Super Coupe?

    Car show last week was open entry to everything show car...not manufacture based. 400 cars or so. Cruise in style show. Usually I get "I haven't seen one of these in years! Or My buddy had one in high school/college!" Had good conversations with some Contour SVT owners...their ownership and...
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    How many SCs were built? Continues to evolve!

    Got me, I just remember him calling me when he got his report and asking me What the heck... I over heard someone while walking at Carlisle and I think they said it best. Marti's entire deal is to get your car as close to 1 of 1 and if you get that extended report they can get you there y...
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    How many SCs were built? Continues to evolve!

    Ralph's marti report on his 94 5spd makes no sense when it comes to total numbers...if you add up the values based on paint codes his is completely skewed for Red if memory serves me. -Tim
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    New owner of a beautiful 91 black bird

    Welcome to the club, nice looking SC. -Tim
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    2300 TVS update

    I understand that, customized comes with a price to pay to be cool thats for sure. -Tim
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    Window cowl 91 SC

    Anytime glad they made it in 1 piece -Tim