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    Spinning wheels aluminum power steering pulley

    Nice looking piece. RIP Victor. Good luck with the sale.
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    Low-Budget YouTube Entertainment Series Featuring a Supercoupe (good or bad)

    Sounds cool. Sorry, I'm late to the thread, I don't check in here often and I broke my collarbone a month ago so I've been down for a while. I've done several Tbird based videos for the Joel Bender Summer Blast and videos of my car at the track in the past. Good luck with your project! I look...
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    Couple pics

    Wow! Nice pix! What camera and lens are you using?
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    Carlisle 2020 Headcount

    With the date change I may be able to make it this year. I didn’t see a headcount thread for this year so here it is. Hope to see you guys again - COVID Mask’s and all. We could hold a most creative decorate your COVID mask contest... just a thought.
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    Carlisle 2019 Headcount

    With the date change I may be able to make it.
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    Interesting T-Bird project

    Pretty cool. I hate the way they cut the cup holder to make way for the shift handle. I cringed when they did that. LOL
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    2020 Calendar

    I'll see if I can scrounge up some other of my older pictures of the SC's from Carlisle that may not have been used in the past. Cheers guys. Hope everyone's well.
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    Dirty Dog Performance

    Tomorrow, (8/13) is his Birthday! You can send cards or any number of different gifts to inmate #64289 and wish him a Happy Birthday! On a more serious note, I'm sorry that he's ruined his life. He was always friendly to me and to this day I'm running one of his converters in my car.
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    2019 Hot Rod Power Tour

    Hot Rod Power Tour 2019 - Multiple Vehicle Thefts I saw this headline tonight and it caught my eye. <iframe width="640" height="360" style="border-width:1px; border-style:solid; border-color:#e6e6e6;" src=""...
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    Air filter dust shield

    Well, that sucks. What if we got orders for 20 or so? I'm in for one also. I could post up at TCCoA and see if there's interest there as well to boost the numbers. Just a thought ....
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    Carlisle 2019 Headcount

    I love Carlisle and hanging out with everyone! Having said that here are some reasons I won't be back anytime soon. Virginia Cops - I've been stopped - and ticketed in VA over the years more than any other state I've EVER been to - and I travel - A LOT! Virginia Tint Laws - Just an excuse to...
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    Midwest Bash / Shoot Out 2019

    Amazing build Jacob. I look forward to seeing the end result.
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    2019 Epic Drive progress reports

    If I make it I’m going to need new rear tires. I’ve also got a timing tensioner or follower issue that I need to work out.
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    How fast?

    LOL ... good one Tim. Mine's not an SC, but I've seen 130 in it.
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    2018 Epic Drive

    Thanks Jim. I don't use FB so I missed that; thanks for relaying the dates here. May is iffy to snowballs chance in hell of getting the time off of work for me, but I'll pencil it in. I'll keep an eye on the FB page. Thanks for the link.