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    2022 Thunderbird/Cougar Calendar

    The 2022 calendar is now available to viewed and purchased. Here is the link:
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    Any interest in 2022 Calendar?

    I have finished the work on the 2022 calendar and it was been submitted to the printer today. I am waiting for the proof copy to arrive and then I will post up the link to view & purchase.
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    2022 Calendar Pictures

    One week left to submit photo's.
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    2022 Calendar Pictures

    OK, I have been receiving a lot of photo's and they are good however there are also issues with these photo's. Information from the calendar printer What picture resolution do you recommend? We recommend using images that measure at least 1600x1200 pixels or greater. We have seen good results...
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    Any interest in 2022 Calendar?

    Yep, I have file with your unused pictures in it.
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    2022 Calendar Pictures

    Send your pictures for a chance to be in the 2022 calendar to me at: Make sure they are good quality and high resolution so they don't blur out. Keeps the backgrounds good too. No utility pole sticking up behind your car, parking lot stripes reflecting on your car or parking...
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    Any interest in 2022 Calendar?

    Like the title says is there any interest in a 2022 calendar?
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    Looking for Cornering Lamp Molding

    Factory pieces are not available and used factory ones are like gold if you can find them. There are a few aftermarket ones available but you have to buy the whole assembly. Good Luck.
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    What do people say about your Super Coupe?

    You should have had the comment, "What is it?" That is the comment I hear the most at car shows around here. Out of 5 years worth of summer car shows I have had 1 guy who knew what it was and why was that? Because he owned 1.
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    Harmonic Balancer Wobble?

    Search for one of these: Dayco PowerBond Harmonic Balancer PB1530N O'Reilly's, Amazon, Summit and other places have them. Lot's of members here using them including myself on 2 SC's. Better than a used factory unit and cheaper than the BHJ.
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    Rock Auto Discount Code

    176212503124964036 Expires August 8, 2021
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    Front Bumper Cover Part No. and Mold No. 1989-1993 Thunderbird

    Here are 3 pictures. The first 2 are "SC" bumpers and the 3rd is the NOS "LX" bumper cover. All 3 look exactly the same from behind. You cannot tell the SC versions from the LX version.
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    Front Bumper Cover Part No. and Mold No. 1989-1993 Thunderbird

    I just went out and checked the other 1990 SC bumper covers I have for another reference.
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    Front Bumper Cover Part No. and Mold No. 1989-1993 Thunderbird

    OK, I don't think having the Part Number is going to help you. I have a new NOS bumper marked for 1992 LX and a bumper from a 1990 SC. Both have the same part number information inside. See Photo's.
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    QuarterHorse QH1 and Innovate LC-1

    Innovate #3769 LC-1 & Wideband O2 Sensor SOLD