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    1993 super coupe

    1993 ford thunderbird supercoupe Clear title Red with black/black &grey split leather/cloth interior Fresh paint about 2 years ago. Interior near mint 5speed, tranny and clutch still in great shape,. Loaded All power works and sunroof is leak free. Odometer stopped around 123k Rebuilt about...
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    Just got a 1990 xr7 Cougar 5 speed

    Nice find. That's what I'm looking for.
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    1990 cougarXR7 5 speed

    Would you be willing to sell it for cash? How much?
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    1993 tbird

    I'm on Long Island.
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    1993 tbird

    1993 Ford SuperCoupe Supercharged Thunderbird $5000 Nice, running car, everyday driver (adult driven). Around 124k miles. Non-smokers car Factory 5 speed. Fresh paint this past September. Split leather/cloth SC upholstery and interior in near perfect condition. Could use new floor mats. Sunroof...