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    89 sway bar question

    I purchased an 89 bar from a local member who owned and parted the car it came from, I saw the car when he still drove it, and ended up selling it back to him when I measured it at the same 1.13". We speculated that maybe it was replaced for whatever reason, but I think the 1.20" bar is a myth...
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    Picture - What Is This - Stereo???

    Yes, I found that while searching, and while that sub amp connector is there on the top right of this page: there are no descriptions for the exact function the black, bare and clear wires within have. That info has proved to be elusive in all of...
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    Picture - What Is This - Stereo???

    14 year old thread revival! I'm intrigued by the talk I found in this thread about running RCAs to the JBL sub amp. My Cougar came with JBL and I just now changed the headunit for an Alpine and bypassed the main JBL amp(actually I removed it and both harnesses and swapped in a non-premium dash...
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    Facebook blows. When I got into the internet it was because of forums like this, to talk with other people sharing the same interests while having an encyclopedia of knowledge a click away with the search button. Facebook and Twitter and all that other crap is the gutter of the internet - the...
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    Clutch master cylinder removal help

    Which way are you turning it? I've only R&Rd the master from the engine compartment side and it has to be turned counter clockwise from there to be removed, so if you're trying to rotate it from under the dash it has to be clockwise.
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    Wanted: 94/5 5-speed console top

    bump to the top
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    Wanted: 94/5 5-speed console top

    As title states. Not concerned about finish or the ashtray door but I would prefer that the mounts are in tact. Let me know what yall got!
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    Midwest Bash Pictures / Video

    Great pics/vids! Hopefully I can make the full weekend next time, but It was great to see and meet everyone at the track!:)
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    SC clutch pedal cage

    Wait what? since when? You know I've been looking :p
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    Hand Brake hardware specs ???

    There's slots in the trans tunnel for speed nuts, I did it on my Cougar a few years ago
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    Spring Midwest bash..May 30th-June 1st

    I'm 100% in for Sunday racing(just me). Trying to swing Saturday but it's not looking good -Matt
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    Replacement Antenna from ... Hong Kong ?

    I used this as the mast replacement if the motor isn't moving a piece of the old mast cable may have jammed it. Easy fix when the unit is apart
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    145 speedo guages issues

    The back connectors are the same but the pinouts are different. Simple matter of referencing diagram pinouts and moving the pins around.
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    edit: wrong thread
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    Who is this guy?? Turbo SC??

    That the 2000-05 style MR2 power steering pump? The reservior under the filter looks like it. I've been dieing to adapt one of those!