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  1. 1994blkbirdsc

    Performance Parts, misc parts. Oshawa area, Updated

    Ok I have a few items I would like to sell and make room in my storage unit. Scorpion 1.73 roller rockers as new condition 200.00 SOLD Adjustable fuel pressure regulator 2 hole, new 60.00 3 gauge piller pod in black 89-93, brand new 60.00 2 gauge piller pod in black 89-93 40.00 Rotunda IRCM...
  2. 1994blkbirdsc

    Stiegmier stage 3 heads NO longer for sale, sorry..

    These are off the Cop-Tzr, Need nothing but a clean and go. Stiegmier stage 3 SC heads with all stainless steel valves, very low miles. A clean and go is all they need. 800 shipped within the lower 48. Text me at 954-548-1496. Will be adding more soon.
  3. 1994blkbirdsc

    1992 SC auto, ulltra clean AKA Cop-Tzr

    Up for sale is the once famous car on the SCCoA, 1992 SC also known as the Cop-Tzr. Life has a sad way of playing games with you, so its up for grabs. I will sell her either one of 2 ways, as a roller, as mentioned its ultra clean, or with all the go fast goodies, price will reflect with...
  4. 1994blkbirdsc

    95 SC for sale, Pearl White, price reduction, need gone asap

    With great sadness I am selling off my supercoupes. 1995 SC, pearl white with Mocha interior. She is a runner for sure. This car will drive anywhere you want, it gets driven less than 500 miles a year. The good Front end has a complete rebuild, drives straight and smooth. New front tires, rears...
  5. 1994blkbirdsc

    Parts Cars and then some

    Life throws you loops all the time. Anybody with the ability to pick up 4 SC parts cars and a shop full of parts should take note here. Cars include 1995 5 speed. 1994 5 speed 1994 auto 1990 parts car. All these cars are in various states of disassembly, got a ~~~~~ load of parts in my shop...
  6. 1994blkbirdsc

    Raised SC hat, threaded Male outllet, SOLD

    I have Raised SC hat with the Male threaded outlet. Very nice condition. In the trunk of the COP-TZR when I bought it, I will never use it. 70.00 shipped ? Pics and info @ 954-548-149six. Call or text. Angelo
  7. 1994blkbirdsc

    NOS 2 Hole/Late model adjustable fuel pressurre regulator

    Title says it all, 2 hole late model adjustable fuel pressure regulator. 60 shipped ? Text for pics, 954-548-149six. Its brand new billet aluminum. Another part I have no use for.
  8. 1994blkbirdsc

    Early Model M90 Supercharger for sale + 1990 parts

    I have a early model M90 supercharger for sale. This was removed from a running car, spins freely, no abnormal noises or play and the rotors and inside of the unit is in excellent condition. However the case will need attention as the factory powdercoat is peeling, the Florida humidity is not...
  9. 1994blkbirdsc

    fuel injectors, 30# set of 5 good for spares SOLD

    I have a set of 5 30# red top injectors removed from a running engine. The 6th is MIA at this point in time. I do not need/want. Purging my shop. First 25.00 shipped has them. Very clean and good for spares. For pics text me at 954-548-149six. Angelo
  10. 1994blkbirdsc

    IRCM almost NOS, SUPER CLEAN and working

    OK heres the story on this, original owner car with extended warranty, IRCM replaced under warranty at less than 100K, just after 100k the teves took a dump ??, figure :confused: Owners sold the car. Anyways this unit has got less then 10k on it and it is ULTRA clean. Part # is E9SF-125577-AB...
  11. 1994blkbirdsc

    No clips on fuel injectors at rail ??

    Ok some of you know here I bought Anthony Rongo's car the Cop-Trz, if you want to get to know the car look up SilverCasket. Ok, It suffered some bottom end damage, initial thought was it was hydro locked. I have begun to tear it down and guess what ?? Both head gaskets are fine. There is slop...
  12. 1994blkbirdsc

    Ford 36# injectors, 9 of them. SOLD

    I have 9 Ford 36# blue top fuel injectors all removed from running motors. Just purging my shop of items I do not need/ no use for. I will recommend new O rings and tips as they have been sitting a while, ( should be done anyway ). I will take 60 shipped for all 9 of them. Text me at...
  13. 1994blkbirdsc

    SCP comp cams stage 2 camshaft for sale SOLD

    Competition Cams Xtreme Energy 3.8L V6 SC Stage 2 Camshaft A brand new performance camshaft from Comp Cams! No core required. NOT A REGRIND! This Stage 2 cam is a billet 5160 steel design and is an awesome serious street/strip performance grind for the '89-95 SC/XR7. SPECS: RPM Operating...
  14. 1994blkbirdsc

    1992 Ford Thunderbird

    1994blkbirdsc submitted a new Showcase Item: 1992 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  15. 1994blkbirdsc

    Late model supercharger and inlet plenum SOLD

    I have started to part out my 94 5 speed SC, up for sale is the supercharger and inlet plenum. The rotors are clean as far as any damage goes BUT the Teflon coating is literally peeling off, and the case does show the typical powdercoat peeling as well. This unit was pulled from a running...
  16. 1994blkbirdsc

    early model harmonic balancer, PRICE REDUCED SOLD

    I have a early model balancer that's in very clean condition removed from a running wrecked low mileage car some years ago. I have no use for it as my 92 has got a BHJ on it. Looking for 50.00 shipped to the lower 48. It DOES NOT include the crank sensor ring. Feel free to text me at...
  17. 1994blkbirdsc

    Early model ABS unit for sale, Ultra clean, SOLD

    Ok I had 2 of these and down to the last one and need to make room here. This Teves unit is in ultra clean condition and worked excellent when removed. The motor does show some rust, nothing major of coarse from I assume some brake fluid leaking on it. The rubber hose WILL need to be replaced...
  18. 1994blkbirdsc

    Aluminum flywheel. SPEC almost new !!!! SOLD

    OK here's a SPEC Aluminum 5 speed flywheel. This unit is like new condition. SPEC decal still on the flywheel !!! The flywheel has less than 1000 miles on it. I put a price on it of 270.00 shipped to the lower 48. You can call or text me at 954-548-1496 for pics and details. Angelo.
  19. 1994blkbirdsc

    CX Racing FMIC / complete with pipe kit, NEVER USED, reduced price

    I have a CX Racing FMIC with core size of 17 1/2 w x 11 3/4 h, this is the core size, overall size is larger, complete with the piping to install, pipe size is 2 1/2". Included is the silicone couplers, clamps, and if I am not mistaken there are some brackets as well. All items are Brand...
  20. 1994blkbirdsc

    Seat Leathers, opal grey

    Since shipping seats is a complete deal breaker due to weight I am willing to strip the leather off the seats to gain the space in my shop and trash the rest of the seat. I have : Opal grey drivers seat bottom from a 94/95, very good to excellent condition. Opal grey passengers side both bottom...