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  1. DrFishbone

    Catchcan issues, vacuum leak? 1992 thunderbird sc

    I'm not following your description above completely, but basically the PCV system is a loop...vacuum behind the throttle plate is higher than the intake tube, so clean (metered) air will be drawn from the intake tube, through the driver's valve cover, out the passengers valve cover (thru the...
  2. DrFishbone

    Stalling when coming to a stop with A/C on

    Are you sure that the TB's blade stops are set up properly? Basically, the IAC should be operating at the lower end of its range at idle. The simplest way to check is see if the car will hold an idle (A/C off, in park) with the IAC unplugged. It will probably get close to dying when...
  3. DrFishbone

    42lbs injector swap

    What color sample tube did you use? If I recall, the 89-93 SC's, using a C&L 76mm MAFS would need a purple-coded sample tube for 42# injectors. Also might want to verify your injector size....some of the all-black Lucas ones could get mixed up easily.
  4. DrFishbone

    Clunking noise coming from driver side front!!

    Oftentimes, the sway bar endlinks get play in the ball joints on each end. When you jack the car up, the struts will put the end links in a bind and make them feel tight...but at around ride height, the ball(s) will float around in the socket and rattle over bumps, tracks, etc.
  5. DrFishbone

    Movie producer needs 90 SC 35th anniversary edition

    I have one with around 55k miles on it in excellent condition that we would like to sell soon. No rust, nice paint, great interior. I believe it spent most of its life in the Seattle, WA area. Let me know if you would like to discuss further.
  6. DrFishbone

    NEED HELP WTB jack shaft pulley and tensioner

    I've got some spare JS pullies - send me a PM if you're still looking.
  7. DrFishbone

    Went over speed bump - car died

    Ignition switch would be another item to check, since they physically separate as they wear out.
  8. DrFishbone

    Back to my favorite wheels.....

    Back to the classic Neibert look. :cool: I liked those Ferrada's you had, but I think a little more sidewall is a good thing.
  9. DrFishbone

    Fuel system for e85 high hp

    Good find Dave! I never did find a good steel MK8 tank for my project...looks like you have a much easier/cheaper/better solution now anyway. :)
  10. DrFishbone

    89 thunderbird sc for sale(sold)

    noooooooooooo I knew going to work for GM was going to bad influence on you! :(
  11. DrFishbone

    The Epic Drive 2020 preparations

    :eek::eek::eek: 2007?! Unless it was garage kept, I'd let that one go! You've got some dedication right there!! ;)
  12. DrFishbone

    2020 Epic Drive Registration Information

    Just sent my registration email. :cool:
  13. DrFishbone

    2020 Epic Drive Call outs of the list. I'm planning on it. :) SC was almost ready for the Midwest Bash, and it's one spot closer in the queue to the garage. Also have a fun little car for a backup: 2005 Focus ZX3 Will make every attempt to make it this year. :)
  14. DrFishbone

    Anyone ever put an SC engine in a 60's Mustang?

    I have thought a bit about spacious as the enginer bays were back then, plus have the same bell-housing pattern as the 5.0L / 302, it doesn't seem like it would be hard at all.
  15. DrFishbone

    1995 Restomod

    Flew a silverbullet.... ;)
  16. DrFishbone

    89, 3.8, auto, 46K miles, $7,500

    whewee...look at that gauge cluster! been awhile since I saw one of those! lol
  17. DrFishbone

    The best Thunderbird that I have seen. $15K, 1994, Silver, and only 8,000 miles

    Wow...that's pretty. Anyone else realize that we probably are the main opponent against the rise in value of the SC? :p We as a group (more so than any other group) influence what these cars are "worth". If "outsiders" have a car they think is worth $30k, let them ask $30k! If they find a...
  18. DrFishbone

    Start of engine rebuild project: Thumper

    Nice looking SC! If you have a low-mile block and the headgasket problem surfaced recently and wasn't run long, I wouldn't worry about the shortblock. Have the heads checked for cracks/warpage, have them milled if you want, clean everything up and reassemble with a new Felpro gasket set. Even...
  19. DrFishbone

    Removing the whole dash--how to?

    Rod has a writeup on dash-swapping a 89-93 dash for a 94+....I think on TCCoA. That may help you locate the bolts that need removed. Basically, there are 8mm bolts along the windshield, beneath trim that need removed, a couple of studs/nuts on the tranmission tunnel and then about 4-5 bolts...
  20. DrFishbone

    In need of advice

    As previously noted, I'd be checking hard for vacuum leaks.