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  1. DrFishbone

    Engine Placement?

    For some reason, my engine/transmission sits further back in the rear cross member than it should. With the transmission crossmemebr installed after lowering the engine / trans into the tunnel, I have to “work” with the engine mounts to line up the bolt holes and get them threaded. It’s...
  2. DrFishbone

    BE Calculated Horsepower and Stuff

    I kinda feel like a newbie even bringing this up, but has anyone else paid attention to the BE calculated HP logs? I’ve kinda kept an eye on them over the years and noticed that they probably aren’t that far off based on my 1/4mi times and now off my recent dyno run. The log I took during the...
  3. DrFishbone

    2018 SC Shootout Shuffle?

    So what's the hot scoop on everyone's cars this year? Anyone procrastinating work till the last minute like me? :D Seems like the disappointment caused by the rain-out last year is still looming overhead! What are the Dalkes up to? Are are the turboys up to (Casey, Corey, Ken)? Is Jacob...
  4. DrFishbone

    97-98 Mark VIII Steel Fuel Tank

    I've been poking around for a few months now trying to find a good MK8 steel tank. No luck locally yet. The few that I have found were intentionally damaged by the junkyard. If anyone know where I can get hold of a good one, let me know. Ideally, picked-up, since shipping seems to be over...
  5. DrFishbone

    Mark VIII Gas Tank w/Dual Pumps?

    I know this has been thought of before, but I'm not aware of anyone (here at least) that has went through with it... I need more fuel to continue running E85 and would like to explore the dual in-tank pump option first....from what I can tell, it's doable with a T-Bird tank. David Neibert has...
  6. DrFishbone

    2017 SC Shootout Parts Sale

    (Parts are available pick-up in Palmyra, IN or @ Shootout - shipping extra) Other 89-93 parts are available - just ask. This sale ends on 9/28/17 Paypal in advance for 5% Shootout discount! (12) TrickFlow 7.2" Chromoly Pushrods, great shape - $75 SOLD - XB-70 Chrome ZR Intake Tube (3”?) w/...
  7. DrFishbone

    Anybody else DIY Steering Rack Rebuild?

    The job is done now, but I have two leftover o-rings. I bought a Gates seal kit, cleaned, disassembled, reassembled my old power steering rack...but in the directions (both included with the kit AND in the 1989 Ford Service manual) show an extra "rack bushing" that is supposed to use an o-ring...
  8. DrFishbone

    Record M90 1/4mi Times?

    The "little old M90" has been somewhat overshadowed for the past several years, but the way I see it, the faster you can go with less, the more impressive! I know there are some very fast times I'm aware of that a few have pulled off...what are the all-time bests out there that you guys are...
  9. DrFishbone

    Engine Tear Down / Carnage

    Finally got the old engine pulled and disassembled to check it out....had a few surprises, but nothing that should delay the new motor work.
  10. DrFishbone

    Front Mount Intercooler and High-Capacity Aluminum Radiator w/Extras

    Up for sale I have my custom front-mount intercooler and radiator setup that I’ve run for several has served me well. The build is detailed in this thread: With this “kit” that I’m selling, there is very little...
  11. DrFishbone

    DrFishbone Engine Build Thread 2017

    As some had guessed a little while back, Dave had a previously build motor in his shop that needed a little finishing work and an owner. While all I was looking for originally was some parts to fix/upgrade a spare block I have in storage, I ended up being sold on the idea of having someone else...
  12. DrFishbone

    Rod Bearing Oil Passage / Hole Missing?

    I was looking at at some some rods/pistons that were given to me by another club member a few years ago and noticed something that looks like it could have been a problem... Motor #1 (left)- all-original 1989 (240K miles) Motor #2 (right) - replacement Sealed Power bearings in early motor (rods...
  13. DrFishbone

    CLOSED - 2016 Shootout Last-Minute Sale!

    (Parts are available pick-up in Palmyra, IN or @ Shootout Only - no shipping) I’ve got a few parts that I’d like to give a shot at moving by this weekend...let me know if you’d like any of this stuff. I still have lots of other items, feel free to ask! Chrome ZR Intake Tube (3”?) w/ 2...
  14. DrFishbone

    Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit Install...

    Anyone that has installed the stainless steel brake line kit (particularly on 89-92 cars), I've got a question for you... At the driver's rear wheel well, the block that is attached to the factory flexible hose has two threaded ports: one from the ABS assembly and one that goes over to the...
  15. DrFishbone

    New 35th Anniversary in the Family

    For our anniversary, I bought a 35th Anniversary SC for Danielle (and me too, I It traveled to its new home in southern Indiana all the way from Seattle, WA on a car hauler...needless to say, it was a mess when it got here. My son and I cleaned it up last night for it's official...
  16. DrFishbone

    WTB: Used 10-rib SC pulley Set

    Looking for a used (new would be okay too) 10-rib SC pulley setup. Send me a PM if you have one you don't need!
  17. DrFishbone

    CLOSED - 2015 Shootout Parts for Sale: Custom, Racing, Performance, Factory

    SALE THREAD IS CLOSED! Thanks to all new and returning customers! Any previous inquiries / deals are still on, however, I think I may hang onto all the Mark VIII / 93 red SC stuff....feeling a little less overwhelmed now. :) We'll see... Just moved (no garage or shed anymore), abandoned an...
  18. DrFishbone

    93 Mark VIII Interior SWAP Kit

    Unfortunately, my wife's project car has hit the point where we don't want to mess with restoring it now. :( The car is a 93 SC and has several problems - we've hung onto it because of sentimental reasons, but hadn't been diligent in its restoration in the past couple of years. I will...
  19. DrFishbone

    SCU Nylon LCA and/or Knuckle Kits -or- Delrin LCA/Knuckle Kits

    If anyone has a set of the SCU-made nylon LCA and/or knuckle bushing kits, I'm very interested. Also may be interested in the DLF design Delrin kits if anyone has some that they aren't using.
  20. DrFishbone

    B&M Ripper Shifter - $160 shipped

    B&M ripper for sale. Has a tear in the boot, otherwise works just fine. $160 shipped