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    Anyone have any idea what this is?

    I don't know what this is anyone know?
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    plug wire first

    Ok so i recently changed my spark plugs because everytime i would leave vac and go into boost my car would fall on its face after chaging them it ran almost perfect when i floored it it would kinda just stop at 8 vacuum pressure and the car would not gain speed or lose it would just stay at a...
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    short hunting

    I have a short some where that draws 11amps out of my battery unless i remove the silver breaker fuse in which case it stops my seats, door locks, fuel flap button, radio, and trunk button from working can anyone help me narrow it down so i can fix it? As long as the fuse isn't in the car is fine
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    Koer codes 411 and 538

    i have no idea what they mean or how to fix them if anyone could help me resolve this problem i would very much so appreciate it :)