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    Installing late model BHJ Damper

    Question out to folks that have installed one of these… much of a gap is there between the end of the front cover’s ‘pointer’ and the backside of the damper on your set-up? I seem to recall the OEM damper was within 1/32” but my BHJ is more than that (will edit post with actual amount here...
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    Late model crank sensor adjustable?

    Hi all, is the Crank sensor for these late models adjustable? I don’t think it is because there’s no elongated hole on the sensor itself, but I could easily be overlooking something. Can’t get my 95 five-speed to start after it died several weeks ago. Also, does anybody happen to know if the...
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    ‘94-‘95 DIS Module

    Looking for a late model Module.
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    Correct aftermarket balancer?

    This is an ATP 102020 harmonic balancer for a 1995 Thunderbird supercoupe. Does this look normal to those in the know? It weighs the same but the weight appears to be distributed unevenly as you can see in the picture.
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    MP 95mm Throttle Body NIB

    Never put it on and doubt I ever will, so someone else can enjoy it. $300 shipped to lower 48. PayPal or Venmo.
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    Picked up a sweet 95 5-speed!

    A week or so ago I brought into the nest a coveted 95 5-speed. Pearl White exterior, grey leather interior, all options including the integrated cell phone which is a good conversation piece ('Night at the Roxbury' anyone?). And for the keen eyes out there, Yes, I am aware the passenger front...
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    Side trim plastic 'inserts' for back glass

    Looking for the narrow plastic inserts that fit between the back glass and the body at each side of the back glass. It's not the molding itself, rather a single piece of doubled over plastic, pretty cheap looking actually. From what I can tell, this piece helps keep water from running inside...
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    Intake manifold bolt sealer

    So I'm curious as to what people use to seal the manifold bolt threads. I know some use RTV. In the past I have used ARP thread sealer (white). When removing the manifold this time I noticed the bolts had loosened to about 3ft/lbs. When I installed the manifold last spring I followed the...
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    Draining coolant when swapping headgaskets

    Does draining the radiator remove enough coolant out of the block such that the coolant level drops below the deck? I haven't had a HG failure (just swapping heads) and figured this time around I wouldn't drain the block (via pulling the knock sensor plug) if not needed.
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    2010 Fall Club Clash Roll Call

    So, who all is going? I'm heading down Saturday morning. Are there any activities planned outside of the Clash as in years past?
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    Rear sway brackets

    My Addco sway bar eats these brackets for lunch! I need a couple sets for spares.
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    SOLD: NEW G-Force Racing Gear (gloves, shoes)

    I have a brand new, never been worn, pair of red G-Force SFI Racing shoes (Men's size US 8 [Women's size US 9.5]) and a matching pair of never been worn SFI gloves size medium. I won't be running nitrous at the track so I don't need these. The shoes run $64.99 at Summit/Jeg's and the gloves...
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    Installing ARP Headstuds before or after placing heads on deck

    Put the heads on last night. This time around I set the heads on before screwing the headstuds into the block. I am wondering if this wasn't a mistake. I did it this way b/c I wanted to avoid nicking the head sealing surface on the headstuds during install. Also, I figured when installing...
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    For those with sagging motor mounts......

    I picked up a Motorcraft 400S filter the other day and noticed it is about an inch shorter than it used to be. For those whose mounts are sagging and aren't planning on replacing them anytime soon, this shorter style will make it easier to remove the filter without the crossmember getting in...
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    Adjusting OD down from 25% to 15%

    I am trying to figure out the best configuration for 15% OD with the pulleys and belts I have. Pulleys I have are stock Crank and JS pulleys, 10% 10-rib JS, 10% aluminum crank pulley, and 5% 10-rib SC pulley. Belts include the stock set as well as the belts needed to run an MP 25% OD setup...
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    SOLD: Heads off a '90 SC

    Hey guys. I decided I don't need three spare sets of heads so I am selling a set. According to the guy I bought these from, this set has been pressure checked for cracks and came back fine. Includes valves and springs. I can throw in set of stock rocker arms and bolts if needed. I'm sorry...
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    '93 AOD driveshaft

    Sorry guys, if I'd have known I'd be finding/selling all these parts I would have made one master thread. Anyhow, I have a good used stock drive shaft from a '93 SC AOD with ~90,000 miles on it. All ready to install. Boxed up and ready to ship. Make me an offer.
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    SOLD: LOW mileage Driver's side accessory bracket with PS pump/pulley/reservoir etc.

    I was digging around my workshop and found this in one of my cabinets. It is from a 1990 SC that I bought a while ago. The engine this came off had 30,000 miles on it according to the seller. Since the engine was out of the car, I replaced the head gaskets, and after seeing the bottom end, I...
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    SOLD: Lightly used Screamin' Demon Coil Pack

    This coil pack was used for one season, maybe 2,000 miles max. But when I decided to dump the Denso Iridium plugs and stick with copper Autolite's I decided to put my good used OEM coil pack back on the car. Well, when lowering the DS accessory bracket during an engine removal, with everything...
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    Price lowered: NIB Set of lower ball joints

    Box says Xact-Fit, but the PN (505-1137B) matches to a Spicer/Raybestos part. My guess is Spicer bought out Xact-Fit. Anyhow, I searched for these parts on the web to see what they are going for and I found them for $14 and change each plus shipping. So, if buying online it'd be probably $40...