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  1. chickencoupe

    1989 Mercury Cougar XR7 White w Blue Interior Engine has less than 4000 miles

    Im also interested in the shocks.
  2. chickencoupe

    blow out sale of a lot of 90's stuff.

    Exterior trim pieces Any exterior trim pieces that run the body or windshield trim.
  3. chickencoupe

    Dennis Collins barn find cougars
  4. chickencoupe

    Power nation build
  5. chickencoupe

    Power nation build

    Some interesting history at the beginning. Sorry horse power not power nation
  6. chickencoupe

    7K mile 89 5 spd for sale on Bring a Trailer

    I would like to know where this guy found a piece of new old stock trim for the passenger side drip rail he said he replaced in the video.
  7. chickencoupe

    7K mile 89 5 spd for sale on Bring a Trailer

    I thought the plastic piece on the rear reflectors didn't connect all the way across until 93? Or is it vice versa? I'm ashamed to ask that because I don't even remember what my 91 looks like it's been sitting under a cover so long:(
  8. chickencoupe

    525 RWHP Motor Complete

    K thanks. Sounds like a lot of work. I work with a bunch of guys who all have their own project cars and use a guy who's an amazing fabricator and assure me they can help with the firewall part but I don't want to compromise the cowl and hood to make something like this work. Sucks cause I...
  9. chickencoupe

    525 RWHP Motor Complete

    Brian Ive been following your car and know you've mainly run your car at the track. Does this motor have street manners and reliability and would it work with the m5r2 or to much power for it?
  10. chickencoupe

    SOLD - Koni Yellow Sport Adjustable Struts - Set of 4 (Front & Rear)

    Ok thanks. Am I correct in assuming there's no replacement shocks for the stock arc system unless someone is holding a set on a shelf somewhere? Also what's the stock diameter of the rear sway bar on a 91? Thanks
  11. chickencoupe

    SOLD - Koni Yellow Sport Adjustable Struts - Set of 4 (Front & Rear)

    Do these work with the arc in the car?
  12. chickencoupe

    1989 Project of parts. SC Manual Trans

    Interested in the bumper cover and reflective insert. Where are you located?
  13. chickencoupe

    1989 TBird SC for sale 5spd

    But it's a super smooth cruiser with a frame in amazing shape! ;)
  14. chickencoupe

    Nos fiber blocker ring

    I'd be interested in either or depending on price . 1st gear seems to be the only one with an issue though. I also need to get after doing my head gasket repair and thought I remeber seeing you sold a complete set of gaskets and arp head bolts. I'd be interested in a price on that as well...
  15. chickencoupe

    Air filter dust shield

    I'll take one please
  16. chickencoupe

    What other cars do you own?

    91 sc 5spd- waiting on me to replace head gaskets and cracked fuel line. :( 02 Silverado LT ext cab- daily depending 14 JGC Overland- daily depending 11 Freightliner Columbia ( series 60 Detroit 14L)- daily
  17. chickencoupe

    Nos fiber blocker ring

    sorry meant to pm that
  18. chickencoupe

    Nos fiber blocker ring

    What's the lowest you'd go, shipped you ct?
  19. chickencoupe

    1995 5speed blown engine

    Damn that was quick. If this doesn't go through let me know please. My folks live in Ellington and im pretty sure I know your car as I've seen it around. I'm in Enfield so I'm close if your deal didn't go through. Thanks
  20. chickencoupe

    Mp front mount intercooler

    Is this gone?