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    168,000 mile 94 5spd SC Black $3900 UT
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    1989 5speed Supercharged Mercury Cougar XR7

    Up for sale is my 1989 5-speed Mercury Cougar XR-7 The car has 159k on body and i was told around 70k on the motor i had swapped in almost a year ago along with new motor mounts. It has cat-less down pipes, an under drive pulley, new resonator and mufflers. It needs a power steering pump...
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    1990 Cougar XR7, Red with Black Leather Interior, 152k Auto and Sunroof $2500 obo

    Mercury cougar I sold it but i also have an 89 5speed if your interested:
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    New 90’ XR7 owner from Indiana.

    make supercharger louder You can take off the passenger side tire and to access the air intake and remove the grey air silencer underneath it. When you step on the gas after that you will hear the air pulling in and hear that blower, it sounds cool in my opinion.
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    1990 Cougar XR7, Red with Black Leather Interior, 152k Auto and Sunroof $2500 obo

    Up for sale is my 1990 Mercury Cougar XR7 Very clean car, was repainted by previous owner with new front and back seat upholstery and like new tires. Runs well and shifts well. My mechanic said one of the power steering lines probably needs to be replaced as it has begun to leak. I have an '89...
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    1990 xr7

    can you contact me via email? im not sure if you can write me on here but im interested
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    1990 xr7

    Cougar Isaiah here, not sure if i can private message you im interested....
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    1990 Mercury Cougar XR7 5 speed manual - Selling

    I'm Interested -Isaiah
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    90 cougar xr7

    Im interested in seeing those pics, ny to md not so bad
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    SC parts, still have quite the collection

    Shifter Knobs Any shifter knobs still available? Thanks
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    Bypass or Disable Anti-theft / Ignition Immobilizer - 1989 5spd / Supercharged Engine

    Replaced engine in my 89 5speed cougar and the engine will not crank when i turn the key. I threw a rod prior and the car still started prior to the swap...
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    Kooks Mid-Length or LT Headers

    Looking for the mid-length or long tubes for my 89 5speed cougar -thanks