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  1. chickencoupe

    Dennis Collins barn find cougars
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    Power nation build

    Some interesting history at the beginning. Sorry horse power not power nation
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    I've got a chipmunk that has decided to use the top of my supercharger as its dinnertable/toilet. Tired of vacuuming my engine bay and worried it may become more adventurous with the cooler weather and start getting into the wiring or the hvac. Any one know any tried and tested deterrents?
  4. chickencoupe

    nut and bolt

    I miss placed the nut and bolt for the passanger side trim piece . The one that is accesed from inside the cabin in the sail panel. Anyone have one laying around?:eek: No luck at the junk yards.
  5. chickencoupe

    is this normal or bad?

    For those that have removed your trim do you recall cracks like this by where the roof line meets the c pillar? Looks like some type of body filler was applied over the seam so I can't tell if the weld is cracked without digging in but I'm worried this is a sign that the seam is cracked...
  6. chickencoupe

    windshield and rear glass replacement

    I'm replacing the windshield and rear glass tomorrow. I've got the cOwl off and assume the upper and lower trim pieces need to be removed on the rear glass and upper on the front glass. Do the side moldings need to be removed for the front and rear glass to be removed and installed? They look...
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    help finding tccoa article

    To start i find the search function on this forum to be extremely frustrating at times. I'm looking for an article from tccoa that was posted as a link in this forum that detailed the process to refinish the black tape on the door pillars. I've inputted every conceivable combination of words...
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    fuel leak

    Had noticed a faint fuel smell the last few times I started the car and was snooping in the wrong place thinking I had a leaky injector. Smelled strong today and I could smell it before opening the hood. Checked by fuel filter and sure enough the rubber hose coming off the hard lines is...
  9. chickencoupe

    91 5spd vs 06 gxp

    A guy at work just picked up an 06 gxp and I can tell hes trying to subtly goat me into lining up. I would asume that stock he's got me from a dig and all the way flat out even with him being front wheel drive? He claims 300+ hp stock and 0 to 60 in 5.6. Thats moving for a front wheel drive...
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    rate my rust?

    In your experience is this typical for a northeast car? Too far gone or worth some tlc? Working on getting a new laptop so i should be able to size pics appropriately. My apologies till then. <a...
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    upshift light

    At what rpm does this light come on? I see it illuminate at initial key on but ive never seen it while driving. I dont rev much higher than 3, 000 to 3, 500 rpm and maybe hit 4, 000 plus once or twice but never hit redline. Is redline the parameter that triggers it? Im not going to test it...
  12. chickencoupe

    245 55 r16

    Does anyone know of a company that makes a 245 55 16. I cant seem to find any in stock. Thnxs
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    what the what?

    Seriously, whats really going on.
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    shift selector spring

    I posted my initial problem in the drive train section but no response so I came down here for some help. Long and short my shifter is dicked. Pulled apart and two of the three torx bolts holding the dust boot onto the shifter housing were missing and the third was hanging on for dear life...
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    south of stony point
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    Just watched a 87 grand national sell at Barrett Jackson for $115,000:eek: Am I missing something? A rattle box straight line car, 3.8 , with crappy amenities and some horse power is bringing one hundred times the book value of a super coupe with similar limited production numbers.
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    nice 5spd in canada
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    mp fmic

    How effective is the magnum powers fmic over stock? Mp fmic vs dbl intercooler cost to benefit?
  19. chickencoupe

    97 t bird

    Just had a 97 t bird show up at my local junk yard. I have a 91 and need some donor parts. Is there anything on a 97 that would be an upgrade that I should commandeer of this car before its crushed? Am I correct in assuming that I can use the rear glass off any mn12? Thanks