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    Driver door switch holder

    Price Shipped to 34952
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    How to remove lower intercooler piping???

    Hi guys trying to figure out how to remover the bottom intercooler piping . Does the power steering pump need to be remove to take it out ? Does it come up or down ? What’s the best way ?
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    Parking light staying on

    I have a 90 sc I purchased from an original owner and the car parking lights don’t turn off . Even with the car off they still stay on killing the battery . Anyone ever had any issues like this ?
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    My Build

    Block 3.8 SC motor for u guys that dont know now is goin to be a Thunderbird SCT (t for turbo lol) -hone,bored 0.030 -stroke to a 4.2 -4.2 crank -scot rods 6.125" -wisco piston -comp cam .560" lift and 218-224 dur.114 or 115 isa not sure -Total Seal Gapless (Crapless) rings -fully ported...
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    Whats ur hp on ur sc block

    Im in the process in building my SC and i wanted to know who hold the top hp in the fourm on the SC block what is the max hp a SC block can handle? and what set up they using.
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    Custom THunderbird SC Girdle

    This thread is to see if anyone is interested in a custome made girdle for SC only. It would be sold as a kit with everything u need. This kit will come with arp main studs let me know if anyone is interested.
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    Help on Picking a turbo and wastgate

    :confused:Im building my Thunderbird SC so far i stoke the block from a 3.8 to 4.2 and bored it .030 over. Now my question is to does who have done this upgrades on their SC. What turbo size should i go for gt35, gt45, or master power t70 also what size wastegate should i go with?
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    stock parts for sale

    I have couple of parts from my 1990 Tbird with 95,000 miles on it all in good working conditions. -Crankshaft -Camshaft -Plenum -2 stock Intercoolers -stock 30lb injectors -2 upper intercooler piping -2 lower intercooler piping -stock pistons -stock rods -TB make me an offer if interested
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    raise top

    i need a raise top
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    raised top with without nut

    let me know what u have and a price ship to 70065 thanks
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    What does AR stands for???

    :confused::confused:i been hearing alot of people talk about it but i got no idea what it is
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    is there any aftermarket crankshaft for tbird sc ??????:confused:
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    hey guys today i started on my in FMIC ima post some pic up tomorrow so u guys can check out my set up.
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    abs motor

    im looking for an abs motor does anyone know were i could get one ?:confused:
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    Intercooler Project

    Im doing a front moint set up on my car i did some reserch and found some good stuff if anyone has any pic of their set up or anything that would help please send them to me also any idea on what size intercooler to use or piping will also help im thinking about goin 31x12x4 and 3" piping...
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    Ported head prices?

    im thinking about having my heads ported how much expecting to pay for a stage 1 job? :D
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    Forged pistons

    im looking for a set of Forged 10:1 pistons
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    front mount

    has anyone ever try to install a universal front mount on a thunderbird sc is it possible ????? am asking this cuz I know our cars don’t get much air to our stock intercoolers because they are behind the condenser so i was thinking of installing a front mount to get more air to cool the...
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    60lb injectors

    looking for a set of 60lb injectors for a 1990 sc
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    Brake problem

    im having some problems with the back brakes im not able to get enough brake fluid pressur im only getting drops on the rear left need help im new to sc??????