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    2022 JBMN/SB 20th Anniversary meet August 27-28, 2022

    It may be a definite possibility for me since it is only a few hours away and I’m finally retired. I don’t have to worry about lodging since I have family in the area.
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    Register NOW for the 2022 Carlisle All Ford Nationals - 10% discount

    When I spoke to the folks at the hotel they told me they didn't have any rules against trailers, but you are right - the parking area isn't designed for an 18 foot trailer hooked to a crew cab F250. I would have to push my luck on finding a spot. I'm not wild about parking my truck and trailer...
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    Register NOW for the 2022 Carlisle All Ford Nationals - 10% discount

    Made hotel reservations this morning (filling up fast) and will be registering the 90 SC this afternoon. Anyone know the rules at the hotel for trailer parking?
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    Premium sound radio repair manual

    I'll throw out a second vote for Paul. He repaired my system last year after I had it in a box for about ten years after it quit working. Well worth the cost - it sounds better than new. Like 64th-35th I don't know the answer re: blue tooth.
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    how old are SC owners

    I'm staring at 65 in a few months and have had my 90SC since new. I do most of my own work since I can't find too many mechanics who want to work on it. My brother-in-law worked at Ford for several decades and had to retire about 15 years ago. He is still the first "manual" I check with when I...
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    blow out sale of a lot of 90's stuff.

    Looking for a working glove box latch for a 90 SC. Color not an issue.
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    Ask me for any parts you're looking for you 89 - 93 SC

    I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for the glove box latch mechanism for a 90 SC. Mine is blue, but I'll take what I can get. I don't need the complete glove box - just the latch mechanism.
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    Stalling when coming to a stop with A/C on

    I've experienced this several times over the 32 years I've had the car, but it is pretty rare that I use the AC. It is worse with the AC on, but happens when it is off - more often with quick deceleration. Most recently it happened as I stopped at the entrance gate for a Ford show - just a...
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    Door Warning Chime Module -- Causing Other Problems?

    Mine has gotten progressively quieter over the last few years, but I can still hear it if I listen close. Not sure it is worth me trying to fix it.
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    2021 All Fords Carlisle

    Ken - I was just at Spring Carlisle, but can't get a room at my usual hotel for that weekend. Can you send the information if there are still rooms available?
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    Starting to drive my 95 more regularly

    Hoping to drive mine much more later this year. It's been at my brother-in-law's garage getting some much needed "small" things done over the winter months. Should be able to go pick it up in the next few weeks. I typically don't drive it more than 750-1000 miles per year.