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    1989 Super Coupe with parts car Not mine, but found it on Craigslist Albany, NY I guess this link doesn't work have to go to Albany NY craigslist and put in Thunderbird
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    No start

    I just put an engine in a 95 S/C, purchased it a few years ago without an engine, (no history). The engine I put in is from a 94 that was runiing fine when I pulled the engine, finally found enough parts to start it, but no spark, found wrong fan control module, (had a C on it should of been a...
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    89- 93 Cobra R hood

    Looking for a Cobra R hood for a 89 - 93 Thunderbird I'm in Upstate NY so the closer the better
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    Upstate NY spring fling

    This year we are having our spring fling by Albany, NY. It starts May 16th to May 18th, We are attending the Saratoga Auto Museum car show on Saturday May17th and the Jack Byrne Ford show in Mechanicsville on Sunday Any one interested. I'm the only one in the club with a MN12 so far
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    94 5 speed wiring harness

    Looking for the wiring harness that plugs into the transmission and plugs into the main harness in front of the shifter for a 94 or 95 5 speed thanks. Rob
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    Shoot out

    Anyone in upstate NY going to the shoot out? I'm 45 miles west of Albany
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    1990 Ford Thunderbird

    Rob submitted a new Showcase Item: 1990 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    1989 Ford Thunderbird

    Rob submitted a new Showcase Item: 1989 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    M112 supercharger

    I bought a supercharger setup from a 2000 Lightning a few years ago was used on a test engine very low hours on it, has the intake, green hi flow injectors, cooler, wiring, and vacumn setup, I have 2 lower stock pulleys, no tensioner, trying to get my $1000 back, I'll post some pictures tomorrow...
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    Nose from #16 Family Channel Winston cup car

    Anyone interested in a nose from Roush"s Family channel #16 Thunderbird I beleive it's 96 or 97 signed by Ted Musgrave. still has rubber buildup on the inside of the fenders. I'll post some pictures up tomorrow. I'll be in Ohio this weekend, could bring it with me. It would make a nice addition...
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    94 or 95 auto

    Looking for a 94 or 95 auto supercoupe, need not be complete, or running, color doesn't matter either, need body to be solid. I'm in upstate New York so willing to travel let me know what you have and how much Thanks, Rob
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    ECM for 94 5 speed

    Looking for a ECM for a 94 or 95 5speed Thanks
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    Wanted 94 -95 engine

    Looking for a 94 or 95 engine doesn't have to be running, don't need supercharger with it. switching 89 wiring over to 94. So need the wiring, balancer, etc. I'm located in upstate wiling to travel reasonable distance. Let me know what you have, and are looking to get out of it. Thanks, Rob
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    2009 Shootout

    What route is everyone taking to the shootout? Would be cool to line up a bunch of S/C"s
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    90 SC on E bay in MN

    There is a1990 Supercoupe on E bay the car is in East Bethel, MN it's a parts car (rusted) looks good from the outside I don't know how to post the link for it, but it's under car parts (superchargers), but it's the whole car too far for me to travel 1200 miles someone should grab it Thanks, Rob
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    Complete S/C's and parts for sale

    Looking to downsize inventory I have 19 S/C's and one Cougar for sale and a ton of parts 89 to 93 and 1 94 parts car (no engine) let me know what you need tooo many to describe each one. Located in Gloversville, NY 12078
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    Car show by Albany, NY

    Jack Byrne Ford and Adirondack Shelby-Mustang club are having a car show on Augest 26 in Mechanicsville, NY from 9am to 4 pm. Anyone interested the address is 1003 Hudson River Rd. Mechanicsville, NY 12118. Hopefully I won't be the only one there with a SC