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    WTB SC 5 speed

    If you pick up one, I have a bunch of parts, and I'm in your backyard, Gloversville. I'm also the president of the Upstate NY Thunderbird club
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    65th TBird Anniversary at the 2020 All Ford Nationals at Carlisle

    Carlisle Sounds good Ken I have plates, and plastic wear from last year. I put it in a toter after Carlisle last year
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    65th TBird Anniversary at the 2020 All Ford Nationals at Carlisle

    Registered I’m all set, registered and rooms booked. I’ll bring the grill for Saturday and Sunday
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    Carlisle 2018 headcount

    Carlisle I believe Randall Burnett is coming, I'll have him check in
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    2018 Carlisle Hotel Information

    Hotel Have hotel reservations, plan on being there Friday around 5. We will see how it works out
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    Need abs wheel sensor

    sensor I might have one out, I'll check in the morning
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    2017 Carlisle All Ford Schow

    still have time I don't even have a engine in mine right now, but I'll make it
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    2017 Carlisle All Ford Schow

    carlisle lunch I'll bring the grill again this year
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    Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Go karts Hi Ralph, you can put me down for 1/2 hour
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    2017 Carlisle Hotel information

    Hotel reserved Just made reservations, looking forward to seeing everyone again
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    Carlisle 2016 Saturday night dinner

    Dinner My son, and his wife will be there with my wife and I, so there's four more
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    Thunderbird Logo Keychains

    thunderbird key chains I received two of these a few days ago, very nice quality
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    Official 2016 Carlisle Thread! (BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!!!)

    Stickers They usually sent them out the second week of May
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    Official 2016 Carlisle Thread! (BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!!!)

    Carlisle preregister deadline Today is the last day to preregister for Carlisle
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    1989 Super Coupe with parts car Not mine, but found it on Craigslist Albany, NY I guess this link doesn't work have to go to Albany NY craigslist and put in Thunderbird
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    Official 2016 Carlisle Thread! (BETTER LATE THEN NEVER!!!)

    Carlisle My wife and I will be there, also my son and his wife. I will bring a full size grill again. Brad and I will split a hour of go karts
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    93 blk sc parting out in ny.

    Transmission Hi Tony How much for the transmission?
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    2016 Carlisle

    Two rooms reserved Called back and have two rooms reserved, must be the first lady was new or something.
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    How can I have a good time at the shoot out without stressing out

    non stressed I was just happy making the 1600 mile round trip, in my super coupe, we took our dog, and had to take her to the vet, during the car show, and had to change a axle on the way home in Mansfield Ohio, but it was a good time. Didn't race, but enjoyed watching the others. I'll be back...
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    2016 Carlisle

    Hotel Just tried registering for the Hotel, they don't show super coupe club or SCCOA, has anyone else had a problem?