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  1. 19TbirdSC91

    big news!

    well I know this belongs in the lounge but I no longer have access to it so ill post it here cuz I want my SCCOA family to know. I am currently sitting in the delivery room waiting for my first child to make his debut! for those of you that know me, I've come a long way from getting arrested at...
  2. 19TbirdSC91

    1990 35th Anniversary 5 speed FS/FT (cars & trucks - by owner)
  3. 19TbirdSC91

    Criminal minds fastforward to about 3:35...poor car.
  4. 19TbirdSC91

    Question to those with mustang exhaust manifolds.

    The question I have is regarding the oxygen sensors. How do you guys get the connectors to reach each other, mine are quite a ways away from eachother. What I was probably going to do is just cut the harness on the sensor and splice in some wire to make it longer so it will reach. But I was...
  5. 19TbirdSC91

    Judgement Day is Upon Me. CRAZY UPDATE!

    Well, after all this time, we finally started work on my car. At this point we have everything ready to be put back together. Only thing holding us up at this point is broken bolt for the exhaust we have to get out. I am SOOOO excited, in the past 2 years I have driven this car 2 miles and...
  6. 19TbirdSC91

    2008 SC Shootout Pics (autocross)

    They posted some pictures of the autocross that was going on during the drag racing at the shootout, some cool pictures of shanes racecar and ricardos car as well! Sean McConaha
  7. 19TbirdSC91

    Couple of parts for sale.

    Ive got a couple little things laying around the garage that I'd like to get rid of. - 89-93 Supercharger, NEEDS REBUILT, its painted blue, looks kinda cool - Stock intercooler with a fan on it - Used water pump still works fine - V6 Mustang exhaust manifolds that I MIGHT get rid of, still...
  8. 19TbirdSC91

    Some more 35th Pics

    Finally got my thunderbird just about finished, been working on it for a while now, just have to pull the tranny back out and replace the slave cylinder and she'll be done. Heres the link to the pics, let me know what you guys think...
  9. 19TbirdSC91

    Belt Tensioners

    Did some searching and didn't really see too much, so ima gonna post a thread My 35th is going to need new belt tensioners, and I was wondering where to get them from, i know you can get the springs from MP, but I want to buy the whole thing, maybe something a little flashy looking??? Thanks. Sean
  10. 19TbirdSC91

    Which one should I get?

    I'm looking at slave cylinders to replace mine with, and i was wondering which one i should buy, anyone have recommendations? Autozone has 2 (,APP866449/vehicleId,1012201/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,/partType,00726/shopping/partProductDetail.htm) What do you...
  11. 19TbirdSC91

    Car won't go into gear now.

    I tried searching, and something is wrong with the site, won't let me do it. So anyway, I put that new motor in my 35th, and was working out all the bugs and what-not, drove it around a couple of times and everything was finally starting to come together. Last night, I went out to drive it...
  12. 19TbirdSC91

    flying hood

    So shane is the newest member of the forgotten hood pin club, today at the autocross, he took off, shifted into second and BAM! hood flew up against the windshield of the race car, luckily, the windshield is lexan so no harm done, and the back corners are cracked but not too bad, he got lucky...
  13. 19TbirdSC91

    Door seals

    I need both the driver and passenger door seals for my 35th, leaking pretty bad and with no carpet/sound deadening, ya'll can only imagine my delema(sp?) Thanks for your help. Sean
  14. 19TbirdSC91

    Help a brotha out.

    I searched around for a while, and couldn't really find much, I just got that motor put in my 35th, and it was backfiring and running rough, so i replaced the intake manifold gasket today suspecting a vacuum leak, and started her up, and it still backfires, not nearly as often, but still does...
  15. 19TbirdSC91

    35th anny

    Well, after like a year of ownership, i have my motor in my 35th. Runs rough and backfires from time to time, so im going to change the intake manifold gasket and go from there. But im glad that it actually runs and i did drive it around the block (this is the same clutch that was on the 35th...
  16. 19TbirdSC91

    Notes on my windshield

    This is kind of a long shot, but here we go, last night someone named mark left a note on my cougar and the 35th wanting to know if i wanted to sell them... so this is my shout out to you if your on the forums at all. If so, hit me back so we can talk. If not, carry on everyone, lol Sean McConaha
  17. 19TbirdSC91

    New car

    Well, I got myself a new car for Christmas...its a 2003 SVT Focus, yellow (euro package), one of 253 produced, its pretty cool and is getting almost 30 mpg. I'll see about taking some pics of it here as soon as possible. Sean McConaha
  18. 19TbirdSC91

    Red ground effects and doors

    I've got red front/rear bumpers, complete side skirts, and red doors as well, was going to throw it all on my cougar but have decided not to, and have had them in the garage for probably almost a year now and i don't want them anymore, need to go.... bumpers are somewhat twisted now, but i...
  19. 19TbirdSC91

    Vandals hit the cougar

    Exactly as the title states, someone in my apartment complex thought they'd be cute and smash out my passenger side tail light...why are people like first thoughts were all on retaliation...but now i'd just like to know who did it and sit down and have a little discussion with them and...
  20. 19TbirdSC91

    Got her goin

    Well it's been a while since I have started a rather poinless thread, so. Got the cougar running finally (fuel pump) after sitting for probably 2 months, still cranked right up no dead battery or anything, I was kind of suprised. I also threw a C&L 76 mm MAF and lightweight jackshaft pulley...