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    Spare parts

    Hi guys clearing some space in the garage and getting rid of parts i don't need.
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    93 sc auto parting out

    since this car did not sell , im now parting it out. check my post for sale unless moderator moves it. post has pics of parts. goota make spaece. thx tony.
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    sc parts

    clearing some parts out. make offer with shipping. thx tony. blk 89-91 pass panel, pair 90 xr7 door panels, (i also have the rear foldowns to the set) blue tweed driver bottom ( i have top but has tears n worn) pass blue tweed ( these are from 92)sc
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    93 sc auto

    hello all im parting out. my daily driver. 93 auto with 92k im 2nd owner. i got this when it had 61k , i got it from a kid who had it in a ny hail storm..(rear glass , few dents on hood and roof). over the past 6 yrs i rebuilt front end ( moog) , i changed intioer from grey cloth to blk...
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    Tp sensor

    having problems with my tp sensor. cel came on last week, put my scanner on and code 121 tp low range. thinking ok just replace it. and we good. not.....same code keeps coming up/ idle fine but under load the cel come on and my 93 sc auto stalled, high idle, surges . i have a new tp sensor #...
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    used bhj

    hi guys im looking a used bhj balancer for my 93 sc. my daily was trowing a check engine light a few days ago. ran a scan and said was low. i knew a ihad 2 laying around so i threw it on change in idle. then today she stalled ......started back up and cel. so i let it kool down...
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    Rims n tires

    Hi guys im selling my rims n tires off my 94 sc. 245/45/r18 . these are ford thunderbird bolt pattern. Tires have 800 miles on them no curb rash.asking $600.
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    Sc/ lx parts part 2

    More parts for sale make offers.
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    Sc/ lx parts

    Hi guys im getting rid of parts i don't need.make offers on some , some have what im asking.
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    drive shaft

    hi guys im in the markrt of a aluminum light weight driveshaft for my 94 sc. anyone lookin o get rid of one post here. thx tony.
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    93 sc auto dying in long traffic

    hi guys n gals my 93 sc auto dies in very long traffic jams.:mad: new battery, alternator have been replaced months ago............still long traffic ( almost stand still ) on the throgs neck bridge go to bx..leaving long island. i also have underdrive pullies . my thing isle(...
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    high output alternator

    hi guys im looking for a alternator for my 94 sc. im not sure what the factory one are but i need it for my stereo .im thinking im going to need 1 with an external voltage regulator. if anyone has 1 willing to sell , or point me in the right direction to where to get i thx. tony.
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    18 inch spare

    hi all i have a brand new spare that has a mustang bolt pattern .if u have big brake setup this will fit front and rear. im asking $175+ shipping it is very lite. i was looking for these for awhile and now i have 2. thx tony.
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    18 inch spare

    looking for a mustang spare tire, i have big brakes in front so gotta be 18 inch spare.also i saw something about the 2017 linc mkz has an 18 inch spare tire that will fit our scs? i need one also.i checked around they want........$260 for a spare tire:eek: my blk sc 94 sc has...
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    hi guys my 94 sc auto has a few pain in the @#$%^& problems that has me stumped. !. antilock brake light stays on....along with traction control is off. cant get a code from my snap on code reader (ford uses super star 2 mode...and i get nothing from the scanner in that mode) am i...
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    rear glass

    Hi guys n gals anyone have a rear glass for 94 Sc close to ny/Nj.thx tony.
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    egr adapter

    hi guys wandering if any1 wanting to sell the egr adapter for the mp inlet from the 94-95 sc. thx tony.
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    vacume leaks

    hi guys iv'e been chasing vacume leaks and can't find it................untill i relized my egr isn't connected in the back of the motor. smh on the 94-95 i think i have to reatt the pressure senser that has vac lines as well. can any of u top guys ......did and know...
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    head lamp switch

    Iooking for a headlamp switch with automatic lamp control, it has a 2 plug harness for my 93 Sc must be in good working condition. Thx tony.
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    hi guys n gals my anti-lock brake light (amber) came on a month ago (93 sc daily driver). the front driver wheel speed senser was locking i replaced it , and the relay (under driver fender. still light is on. check the fuse box ( in car ) ahhhhhhh i found the problem.........2...