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  1. gldiii

    Carlisle 2011 Registration Counts

    I received a "thank you" email from Carlisle today and it include the registration counts for all clubs. Bad Pony Club - 58 Comet East - 13 Cougar Club of NJ, PA & Delmarva - 25 Crown Victorian Association - 35 - 2 Fairlane Club of America - 55 Falcon Club of America - 31 Focus...
  2. gldiii

    Carlisle Fairgrounds Map

    Shows locations of all clubs. We are way up in section GG.
  3. gldiii


    I have reserved a tent, a table and six chairs for the SCCoA. Hopefully it will be used to get out of the sun and not out of the rain! Thanks to everyone for their participation in this event.
  4. gldiii

    SCCoA Tent at Carlisle

    The pdf has the location of the SCCoA (and other) tents at Carlisle. Looks like a new location for us this year.
  5. gldiii

    For Sale 1994 SC 5-speed - Ohio (SOLD!)

    Location: Medina, OH (south of Cleveland) Price: $1000 / OBO Title: Clear Miles: 126,746 Color: Black Interior: Red Cloth Transmission: 5-Speed Radio: Aftermarket – Clarion DRB 3475 (originally premium sound) Sunroof Climate Control Keyless Entry Car is currently running, but has not been...
  6. gldiii

    Steele New Rubber Parts

    (Previously posted in the Member's section.) We have been talking with Eric Saltrick at Steele Rubber Products and they have release a new line of replacement rubber parts for our cars. Here is an email I received from Eric: Here is a link to the "pdf" catalog he sent to me. We are talking...
  7. gldiii

    Aluminum Radiator Group Buy - Raceware (CLOSED)

    Duffy has been working with Dave Gerard at Raceware for a couple of years now to produce a welded aluminum radiator and that unit has finally been built. It is a fully welded unit with no epoxy. Dave Gerard is offering an initial group buy on these radiators that we will keep posted here for...
  8. gldiii

    Non-Stock 35th Anniversary Stripes

    These are a set of custom 35th Anniversary stripes that was made by a member a while back. I got them in a batch of other SC items. There appears to be enough striping with the included roll of striping to do one car. There is a small blemish on one of the stripes marked by the arrow. It does...
  9. gldiii

    MN12 Speedometer Conversion

    Attached is a pdf file on how to convert your 120MPH speedometer into a 140MPH or other speedometer. This article is NOT designed to correct MPH discrepancies due to changing tire sizes or rear end gears. MN12 Speedometer Conversions Special thanks to Larry Sheridan for submitting the...
  10. gldiii

    Membership Dues Processed through 06/26/10 (Updated 06/28/10)

    All dues paid by PayPal received through 06/26/2010 have been processed. All Dues paid by mail received through 01/03/2010 have been processed. Notification emails have been sent. If you have paid for a membership before this date (06/26/2010) and do NOT have membership access, please contact...
  11. gldiii

    Signature/Avatar Rules

    These rules were developed in cooperation with the membership and went into effect on Monday, March 6th, 2006. Please bring your signatures and avatars in compliance with the rules. Avatars of 100x100 pixels are now allowed. Rules have also been amended to keep videos out of signatures...
  12. gldiii

    Joel Bender

    Another way too young member of the Thunderbird community left us this weekend. A tribute post is up on the TCCoA for those that would like to pay their respects. RIP Joel Bender July 30, 1979-March 26th, 2006 RIP Great Friend
  13. gldiii

    Club/Website Stickers

    We will have these new style stickers available in about two weeks. We are currently out of the previous style. You may send in your requests now or wait until I update this post when the stickers are available again. These stickers are 5.5" x 2". We have decided to make these available to both...
  14. gldiii

    Memorial Stickers

    Memorial stickers for Adam Mullen and Steve Whiteley. These are 7" x 2.5" and are free. They are a nice heavy grade silver vinyl. Once these are gone, they probably not be reproduced. (These were paid for by TBU and SCCoA members.) (Picture courtesy of RadiumSC) To get the FREE memorial...
  15. gldiii

    Hurricane Katrina

    Here are links to a couple of posts where SC/XR7 owners are helping out: (If you see other posts that should be listed here, please email me at the address below.) Feel free to post in this...
  16. gldiii

    Wanted: U2Y EEC

    I need an EEC from an 92 or 93 SC AOD with the U2Y code. Please email me (address below) with you price including shipping to 44256.
  17. gldiii

    2005 Events Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Thunderbird

    We recently received an email announcing these events. June 3 - 5, 2005, Carlisle All-Ford Nationals, Carlisle, PA Sponsored by Boss Registries; International Thunderbird Club, Web site: June 9 - 12, 2005, Capitol City Thunderbird Club—VTCI Regional, Austin, TX Open to...
  18. gldiii

    For those of you attending the Carlisle, PA All Ford Nationals

    As we have the past couple of years at least, we (the SCCoA) will be having a dinner on Saturday night the 4th of June at the Sunnyside Resturant. The Sunnyside is located at 850 North Hanover Street in Carlisle, just a short distance from the Fairgrounds. You can check out their website at...
  19. gldiii

    SCCoA Server Update

    The down time this morning was unrelated to our recent server slowness. Our hosting company had a planned re-boot and when the machine came back up there were issues with some of the drives and the diagnostics ran longer than expected. We have purchased a dedicated server upgrade and will be...
  20. gldiii

    Register for Carlisle 2005 - NOW!

    Click on link to register online: Carlisle All Ford Registration Registration for 2 adults and the car in for the show is $35. Prices will be higher if you register at the show. This is registration for car show participants, not spectators. You can also register via the phone (717)...