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  1. 19TbirdSC91

    1990 Thunderbird SC for sale

    LOL $4k for a car that's been sitting in ohio for a few years? Good luck with the sale, may want to post some pics. Free bump to the top for you.
  2. 19TbirdSC91

    big news!

    I didn't even know you had kids Ricardo, how many you have? And how's your SC holdin up?
  3. 19TbirdSC91

    big news!

    Here's a couple pics of the future SC'er. Picture 2 is with Grandma Becky (my mom), picture 3 is with Aja (his mama)
  4. 19TbirdSC91

    big news!

    10 lbs 1 ounce, 22 inches long. born at 12:21. most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed. mama is doin okay, baby is great. big old boy :-D proud papa right here.
  5. 19TbirdSC91

    big news!

    and we're pushing!!! that's right, posting between contractions lol!
  6. 19TbirdSC91

    big news!

    yeah, the little man is due today. were still in the delivery room, they just broke her water.
  7. 19TbirdSC91

    big news!

    well I know this belongs in the lounge but I no longer have access to it so ill post it here cuz I want my SCCOA family to know. I am currently sitting in the delivery room waiting for my first child to make his debut! for those of you that know me, I've come a long way from getting arrested at...
  8. 19TbirdSC91

    Went to the darkside

    this car is quite fun...
  9. 19TbirdSC91

    1990 35th Anniversary 5 speed FS/FT

    No the heads have not been ported, I had wanted to get them ported but never got around to it. The dash actually has no cracks in it, only problem with it is where someone had pried the cd player out of it, they made some marks around where that was. The original seats are actually in it now and...
  10. 19TbirdSC91

    1990 35th Anniversary 5 speed FS/FT

    I need this thing gone asap! I will accept just about any cash offer as of right now.
  11. 19TbirdSC91

    1990 35th Anniversary 5 speed FS/FT

    Price reduced to $1000 OBO. I really need this gone ASAP. Throw somethin out there and you may be able to get it! Car does need some work but its well worth the work. Breakin my heart to have to throw in the towel on the project...
  12. 19TbirdSC91

    1990 35th Anniversary 5 speed FS/FT

    PM's have been responded to!
  13. 19TbirdSC91

    1990 35th Anniversary 5 speed FS/FT

    back to the top!
  14. 19TbirdSC91

    1990 35th Anniversary 5 speed FS/FT (cars & trucks - by owner)
  15. 19TbirdSC91

    have u seen this

    what is it? i cant look at craigslist here at work lol
  16. 19TbirdSC91

    Ditching the MPx, joining the 1.7 Autorotor crowd!!

    That's awesome Ryan! Can't wait to see you and the car in October!!
  17. 19TbirdSC91

    2010 SC Shootout Date/Location Announcement

    I'll definitely be there again this year, but will in fact be staying out of trouble this time. Last year was just allll bad. Maybe I'll actually, you know, have the time/money to get my car going this time? Probably not though. Sean
  18. 19TbirdSC91

    How much does your car weigh?

    I don't know if you would be interested, but quick35th's car just has a piece of aluminum riveted in place of the sunroof.
  19. 19TbirdSC91

    How old were you, when you had your first car accident?

    I was 18 when i had my first accident. Old couple ran a red light and I t-boned them at 50 mph in my old 87 20th anniversary cougar, they both ended up dying as a result. Sean
  20. 19TbirdSC91

    twin M90 ranger

    Here's a link to all three videos of the Lightning! Fastforward to about 6:30 in part 2 video!