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    Take Care dbd
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    how old are SC owners

    I am 72 and do all my own work, 90 SC, 97 Lincoln Mark VIII, and 98 Ford F150.
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    1990 SC Both wiper arms

    90 wiper arms Paul I sent you a PM dbd
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    1990 SC Both wiper arms

    Looking to purchase both left and right wiper arms. Both need to have very good serrations. A pic of the serrations would be great. Will need a quick ship to 92021 (El Cajon,Ca) Would also purchase new if any body knows who sells them. My lengthy search turned up nothing. Thanks dbd
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    egr on a 90?

    The 90 automatic does not have an EGR. If I remember correctly it is also the only model you need to have your foot on brake to start. That is if everything is still intact. Later dbd
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    O-ring for accumaltor

    Sent you a PM dbd
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    OEM Ford thunderbird Bra

    Sent you a PM dbd
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    Rock Auto Discount Code

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    jbl sound system components

    PM sent I sent you a PM
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    What does everyone do for work?

    Retired - Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic - Worked on cranes for the last 20-25 years when I was working. Later dbd
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    Rock Auto Discount Code

    76837586355664 expires Jan 29, 2012 79085786528305 expires Feb 26, 2012 dbd
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    Coil Pack..relay?

    Here is pix of condensor on the coil pack. Later dbd
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    water pump studs

    I changed the picture_ It better answers your question about the lower studs. Click on the picture a couple times for larger view. Later dbd
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    water pump studs

    This pic is from a 1990 engine I removed back in 2004. This is stock engine with no changes. Hope this helps Later dbd
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    Rock Auto Discount Code

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    Steering Column: What is this thing?

    Sent a PM Later dbd
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    1990 sc wont start

    One idea without knowing the history. If it is an automatic you need to hold the brake down in order to start. (foot on brake) I think the 90 automatic is the only one like that. Best of luck dbd
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    oil pressure acting up and need new cats!!!!

    I replaced my cats last year (2010) - Close to the price you mentioned. The oem cats came off in 2004 and replaced with aftermarket. The exhaust guy said aftermarket cats only last about 4-5 years. Check the link for a comparision of before and after the cats were replaced. Good luck__...
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    Rock Auto Discount Code

    Discount code 55926234644515 Expires July 3, 2011 later dbd
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    Lincoln Mark VIII

    Drop into these sites and take a look around. Tons of info. I have had my 97 Mark VIII LSC since 1999. Only have 48,560 miles. I have kept it stock and really haven't had anything major wrong. Really a great road car. I have...