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  1. neverfastenough

    Street Tire Choice

    Well I get the rain part, they have to cover their butts from a liability standpoint. Long distance I don't really understand. I did a 300mi round trip run with dyno time included and the tires still had titties on them when I got home. Tires should inspire confidence, buy what makes you feel...
  2. neverfastenough

    Street Tire Choice

    Typo above I ran the nt05r not the regular. As for rain I had the nt05r in rain, not bad, mickeys bias ply et Street in Rain was similar to in snow. Mickey et Street radial, still very bad in rain. Hoosier never in rain, m&h never in rain. I think the m&h would be safe at city speeds in rain...
  3. neverfastenough

    Street Tire Choice

    I've had nitto nt05, multiple different mickey, Hoosier and m&h on my bird. 700+whp. Hands down, and I mean hands down, the m&h Dr absolutely mopped the floor with the others. If I was in the market for a street DR I wouldn't consider anything else.
  4. neverfastenough

    happy new year to all and what are you doing this year??

    Make 1XXX rwhp, shift gears, run 8s!
  5. neverfastenough

    Sawing machine sounds.

    I know it's not fun or easy on a sc, but you should still pull the valve covers, do a little inspection, the car is modded and old enough that it's never going to be a "just drive it and change the oil every 3k" car.
  6. neverfastenough

    Zex 82023 Wet Nitrous system with Extras! SOLD

    Its turbo time!!!!!!!
  7. neverfastenough

    Are there still any Performance Struts/Shocks for 1990 SC on the market ?

    That's pretty drastic, its not really that hard at all. Just put some regular autozone shocks on the car and drive it.
  8. neverfastenough

    I can hardly think with all this DRONE...

    Why did you buy this exhaust lol
  9. neverfastenough

    what to do?? two choices???

    I thought your turbo car had a fancy 5spd auto or something. Why isn't it highway worthy?
  10. neverfastenough

    New Super Coupe Owner

    I think the previous owner was on the right path. If the car needs floor boards and rockers, it really needs scrapped. You can get very nice running supercoupes for soooooo much less money than youll have in this rusted one.
  11. neverfastenough

    Loaded pillar gauge pod

    Here's the other sending unit you'll need.
  12. neverfastenough

    Loaded pillar gauge pod

    3 gauge pod for early cars with passive belts. Autometer gs green back lit gauges. Matches Ford green nicely. 150 shipped. You'll have to buy 2 sending units.
  13. neverfastenough

    Five things I learned from the Midwest Bash

    Congrats on getting it going, massive accomplishment. Wanted to see it, but a wedding stopped me from making the trip.
  14. neverfastenough

    wiring harness
  15. neverfastenough

    2019 Midwest Bash - Head Count

    Probably in.
  16. neverfastenough

    A1000 Fuel Pump - Never used

    Never say never :p
  17. neverfastenough

    1989 SC for sale from Original Owner

    Looks amazing. Now get some fresh tires on there. If I'm seeing correctly that model Cooper is quite old!
  18. neverfastenough

    1990 cloth seats

    No I'm keeping the rear for now
  19. neverfastenough

    1990 cloth seats

    Great shape for their age, prefer pickup or meeting close. 43953 $250 picked up.
  20. neverfastenough

    Autorotor question

    Considering the current sc's in the Group, what's the difference between a race and street motor? I don't know of anyone that's done a "race" style van motor yet. But maybe I'm missing someone?