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  1. dbd

    1990 SC Both wiper arms

    Looking to purchase both left and right wiper arms. Both need to have very good serrations. A pic of the serrations would be great. Will need a quick ship to 92021 (El Cajon,Ca) Would also purchase new if any body knows who sells them. My lengthy search turned up nothing. Thanks dbd
  2. dbd

    89-92 Coolant Overflow Tank

    Does anyone have the Ford or Motorcraft part number for this tank. Thanks dbd I searched the site, but could not find any listing.
  3. dbd

    Coolant level sensor ?

    Anyone have an idea of what I can put in the coolant level sensor head? I have a couple of them that work fine, but the black goop has become soft over the years. Thanks dbd
  4. dbd

    Let's talk window tint.

    Looking for something to help lower the cabin temps after being parked outside. Not really looking for anything dark (besides California doesn't much if any), but something to help lower temps. Found this --- Anybody used or know anything about this company...
  5. dbd

    Wiring diagram

    Need a wiring diagram for a 94/95 pusher fan in front of condenser. I am adding a fan to my 90 R134 changeover. The fan has 3 wires so I am assuming it is a two speed. When I power it up I can't really tell a difference in rpm. I would like to use the low speed if I have a choice since it will...
  6. dbd

    WTB-94/95 pusher fan

    94/95 pusher fan located in front of condenser. Must be working - not seized. I will need the male and female connector including about 6 - 8 inches of wire to build from. Pictures of unit needed. It would be shipped to 92021 Thanks dbd
  7. dbd

    1994 pusher fan_wiring question

    This first part was answered Is the 1994 pusher fan in front of the condenser the same on all the t-birds that year? SC, LX & Base - same between the v6 and v8? First part answered--- Next question. I have 3 choices for wiring the condenser pusher fan I am adding to my 90 for the the R134...
  8. dbd

    Looking for recommendation for 94 A/C condenser

    I am getting ready to do a 134a changeover on my 90 with all new parts. I have located and purchased everything but running into a problem with the condenser. I want to stay looking OEM as much as possible. I will be using a new 94 condenser and am looking for a recommendation on a brand. I have...
  9. dbd

    Looking for more A/C info for 134 changeover

    1990 SC – Stock – A/C seized, was working in morning – afternoon oops. Did a search and found some information, but haven’t found answers about using parts for the 94 on the 90. I am going to change all of the components and go with 134a, but have a couple questions. Looking for input from...
  10. dbd

    WTB motor/pump (abs)

    WTB the motor/pump assembly for the early SC (1990). I am not interested in the accumulator ball. Just the motor and pump. I would like one that was known as working. Preferably showing no sign of leakage from the weep hole in the motor case. Pictures would be nice. It would be shipped to 92021...
  11. dbd


    Does anyone have a Rockauto discount number available? Thanks dbd
  12. dbd


    Has anyone been having trouble getting in touch with Victor at Spinningwheels? Purchased a BHJ online Sat (10/18/08) afternoon. Have tried email, phone (352-732-5013) to get an order status. emails - no answer, phone sometimes goes to a voice mail and sometimes to a recording saying not in...
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    Any Rockauto discount numbers floating around? Thanks in advance dbd
  14. dbd

    Rock Auto Discount Code

    Any RockAuto discount codes floating around? Thanks dbd
  15. dbd

    aod v/b ?

    The pictures are of a valve body from a so called rebuild that went 7000 miles before the direct drive shaft broke. I am familiar with what I call casting slag, but this looks like a crack to me. It looks worst then the picture shows. It does go in instead of out like slag usually does. Anyone...
  16. dbd

    Looking for a couple parts - 90SC

    I am looking for a couple items for the 1990 SC. 1. Faceplate for a VMM without broken clips. 2. Moonroof switch bracket --- It seems like the switch consist of three parts (the switch, the plastic bracket that holds the switch, and the face plate) I am looking for the part (bracket) that...
  17. dbd

    wtb faceplate vmm

    Looking for the face-plate of the vehicle monitor for a 90. My unit works fine but the arm on the face plate broke. Glued it - held for a few months. The # on the part is E9SF-10C853-AD if it helps. Thanks Denny
  18. dbd

    wtb part for vehicle monitor

    Looking for the face-plate of the vehicle monitor for a 90. The unit works fine but the arm on the face plate broke. The # on the part is E9SF-10C853-AD if it helps. Thanks Denny
  19. dbd

    An Idea For Gauges

    While doing the engine change in the 90 I came up with this location for some gauges. It won't be for everyone, but they are very functional. Still have the stock gauges working inside. I added another temp & oil senders. You can also see the transmission gauge I installed in one of the pics...
  20. dbd

    TV cable pressure

    Ford service manual calls for inserting guage # T86L-70332A at the end of the cable to set tv pressure (around 33psi). Does anyone know the thickness of this guage or how far it pulls the cable? Thanks Denny