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  1. sdw

    EEC compatibility

    Still trying to get my ‘91’s injectors to fire. I have traced back all the wiring, the PIP works, the only thing left now is the EEC. Mike has a EEC from a ‘91 but it is from an auto and I have a 5-speed. I searched the web but could not find any listing of compatible EEC’s. I am running a QH...
  2. sdw

    EECIV Wanted

    I am looking for a '91 EEC. I will need it shipped via US Postal, not ups or fedex. Please let me know. Regards Sean
  3. sdw

    No start - Injectors won't fire

    My '91 5-speed died when going over a speed bump. I have looked for a connector that came apart but have found nothing. I have spark, and fuel but the noid light did not flash when I checked the injectors. I changed the crank sensor to one of my spares but no change. Changed the IRCM to a...
  4. sdw

    IRCM Troubleshooting

    I have a quick question before I source a new IRCM. I wanted to test the EEC relay function as i believe it is what is causing my no-start condition. I grounded the module then jumpered pin 13 got no switching. I am back at home now, garage is about 30 minutes away and in having another look...
  5. sdw

    Went over speed bump - car died

    Just looking to vent! Literally, went over a hump style speed bump by my garage and the car, '91 5speed, modified, just died. I was probably going less than 10 mph. Now it won't start. : ( Had just got it running after years in the garage. Will be going through the DIS Troubleshooting...
  6. sdw

    O2 sensor not switching

    Finally have the car insured again but it is not running well. No power at all. One of my O2 sensors is not switching. When I swapped the sensors, they are both new, the same side is not switching. The car hasn't run in many years so I guess it is possible the is a wiring issue i will work...
  7. sdw

    O-ring part number for high pressure line that connects to EVO valve Help

    i got some o-rings from ford, part number 384975-S94, but they fit loose and after installing the side that goes to the connector to the rack i am not convinced. I don't want to re-install the pump and connect to the EVO valve just to have to pull it all apart again after it leaks. help with a...
  8. sdw

    Transmission won't trigger the switch for back-up lights

    Has anyone ever had this issue? When you put the transmission into reverse it won't make the switch for the back-up lights. There is a metal tab that moves but it does not depress the ball on the switch. My spare tranny looks a little different, it has two switches instead of one and the metal...
  9. sdw

    Need help in Identifying this loose wire.

    i have scoured my EVTM but can't find what this wire is for. The connector is C168. The wire is light green. Any help would be appreciated TIA Sean
  10. sdw

    Disconnecting main engine wiring harness

    I have been trying to disconnect the main wiring harness from the firewall so I can re and re the dash but cannot get it apart. Does anyone have any, never fail tricks, to getting this thing apart? tia Sean
  11. sdw

    so I inquired about a dyno tune today ....

    I decided I want to get a dyno tune for my car and at the suggestion of the fellow who assembled my engine I shot an email off to a local ford dealer who have a dyno and a guy to do tuning. I listed the mods, forgetting the cam, and asked what the ballpark price would be. this is the answer I...
  12. sdw

    Need a MAF transfer function for 87mm Pro-M

    I just got an 87mm Pro M MAF from Mr. Ludorf. (one of the best parts suppliers for those of us here in the Great White North). I contacted Pro-M looking for the transfer sheet but was told it is too old and they don't have a record of it. I would like to get a base transfer function I can use...
  13. sdw

    Horn Still Won't Work

    Still can't get my horn to work. The pad switches the wires underneath the steering column. If I pull the relay I can jumper the horn on. The relay will switch. Somethings not quite right. The wiriing diagram I got from Big E is incorrect. The horn pad makes a circuit between a black wire...
  14. sdw

    Horn doesn't work need wiring diagram for '91

    My horn does not want to work. It works when jumpered directly but I can't make it work even when jumpering the relay. Can someone send me a wiring diagram for this. The 93+ manual I have is different I think. Driving without a horn in Vancouver rush hour traffic is just not cutting it. tia...
  15. sdw

    Speedo Connector to 5 speed tranny

    I need the speedo connector that plugs into the transmission. Pigtails as long as possible. i am also looking to replace the connector that has a terminator plug that sits on the transmission cross member. It's on the same wiring harness as the connector above. Mine got a bit melted after...
  16. sdw

    Are all years of speedo swappable?

    I installed the speedo from my 89 into my 91. After fixing the wires that go into the transmission it works but does not read correctly. It reads substantially under. I'm wondering if there is an issue with using the '89 speedo in the '91. Regards Sean
  17. sdw

    Drag Racing Newbee Question

    I was thinking to perhaps take my car to the local track at least once this summer. (Mission Raceway here in BC.) In the rules it says you have to drain antifreeze. Just a little confused. Regards Sean
  18. sdw

    Thread size for brake pressure switch

    My ARC brake pressure switch is weeping. Since i haven't had ARC's for years i would like to put a plug in there and stop this nonsense once and for all. Does anyone know the thread size? This is for a '91 Regards Sean
  19. sdw

    DIY Smoke Machine

    Well not a machine really. After reading David Dalke's comment that every SC he's seen has had a leak I decided since my car is a couple of weeks away from firing up I would leak check it. I phone around and the best price I could get was $70.00 to have a garage do it. So I figured I could...
  20. sdw

    Help from Miami area 94 - 95 owner needed.

    Need help from Florida 94-95 owner. I don't know if anyone in Florida has seen this thread regarding Mandrel Exhaust systems offering of downpipes for the early model SC's. To get the same offering -...