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    Super charger top removal

    Hello everyone, I am trying to remove the inter-cooler piping to get to the spark plugs and motor mounts but i can't get the lock ring to budge on the top pipe. So because i don't' want to fork out $60 for the special wrench to do it with i thought it would be easier to just remove the top with...
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    4.6 2V swap dream list

    Hi there everybody, I would like some assistance in laying out the steps i would need to take, and a parts list for throwing a junkyard 4.6 2V into my 1991 SC to replace the frankly overly complex and sassy 3.8 that currently resides in the engine bay. I'm not sure on everything that would be...
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    Harmonic Balancer woes

    Hi there, I was ogling at the engine in my 1991 super coupe one day after a drive and noticed that my crankshaft pulley seemed to be a little wobbly. I'm not sure how long it had been like that as I've only owned the car for a little over a year and done little to no driving in it, but after...
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    Weird Shifting

    So i purchased a 1991 SC with the automatic transmission and there are 2 big issued with it. 1# the electric cooling fan does not come on normally. I believe it is associated with the temperature sensor wiring as even after a new sensor the temp gauge when hot is barely above C. I'm not sure how...