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  1. plethaus

    In search of T90P-50-ALA ABS bleeding tool

    This is kind of a long shot but I'm hoping someone might have one of these T90P-50-ALA tools available to rent (with a deposit) or possibly sell for a reasonable price.
  2. plethaus

    Wtb 91-92 pcm

    I need a 91-93 PCM from a car with EGR.
  3. plethaus

    1993 Ford Thunderbird

    plethaus submitted a new Showcase Item: 1993 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
  4. plethaus

    Quarter window dimensions?

    Can anyone tell me the quarter window's inner dimensions, height, and width at bottom middle and top? Thanks!
  5. plethaus

    Vogtland springs + Tokico ARC shocks

    Is anyone here running this combination? Just curious how it feels if so. I really need to replace the shocks in my car because right now even minor bumps in the road can be teeth shattering, but I want to keep the slick 90's ARC tech in place. I have Eibach springs currently and I've heard a...
  6. plethaus

    Shout out to Dave and friends @ Supercoupes Unlimited

    I know a lot of members here are familiar with David Dalke (XR7 Dave) and his shop Supercoupes Unlimited, but I had to make a topic anyway (plus there are always new members owners joining up.) It's been an awesome experience working with Dave. He knows these cars backwards, forwards and upside...
  7. plethaus

    Floor jack recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a decent but not exorbitantly priced floor jack that's low profile enough to easily get a lowered car up in the air but still get some decent lift? The Craftsman 3 ton I've had for years has finally had it (for various reasons.) I've perused various sites and seen a zillion...
  8. plethaus

    Optima Battery question

    I need a new battery for my car and was thinking about getting an Optima Red Top, but apparently you need some kind of bracket to mount it in the stock tray? The Optima site says this: "Requires 2 bottom snap-in adapters, check hood clearance." Anyone know which is the appropriate Optima battery...
  9. plethaus

    Cleaned up the bird before I put it away (pics)

    *sigh* Winter... gotta love it. I cleaned the car up today in preparation for getting it stored for the winter, along with doing some items I neglected all year like the door jambs and trim. Came out pretty good I think :D edit: Oh yeah, you can see I put some Motorcraft frameless wipers on...
  10. plethaus

    Taking off the keypad trim

    How does one pop off the black plastic trim from the keyless entry keypads? I have a new gasket/seal I'm trying to install but not really sure what's the best way to pop it off. The front edge (towards the front of the car) is loose but I don't want to pull too hard and crack it. Thanks!
  11. plethaus

    First time at the track in my 93

    So I decided to hit the track tonight to make a few passes and see how it went (check my garage for mods.) Kinda disappointed although I wasn't expecting anything uber fast. Best result was 13.89 @ 102.5 on a 2.1 60', crossing the traps at about 5400 at the top of third gear. I tried one run...
  12. plethaus

    Having some fun in the SC today

  13. plethaus

    Lumbar pump not working - switch or..?

    The lumbar pump on my driver's seat isn't working.. when I press the rocker switch up or down it makes a loud snap or "click" when moving up or down (the other switches are a lot quieter, including the passenger seat lumbar rocker.) Anyone have any ideas on what to check first? Should I pop off...
  14. plethaus

    Gasket/seal for keyless entry keypad?

    Does anyone know if the little gasket that goes between the keypad and the door is still available? Mine completely fell apart and crumbled away when I was cleaning away some excess wax.
  15. plethaus

    Paint correction on these cars?

    Has anyone ever tried a full paint correction on one of these cars (with original paint on it still) with an orbital polisher? I have some experience with my PC 7424 and doing a couple older GMs with decent success, so I thought I'd have a go at my 93. It's got original paint but badly in need...
  16. plethaus

    Picking up my car from David Dalke soon

    I owned an SC years ago and got the itch last year to find another, so I posted a WTB thread and as luck would have it, David Dalke of Supercoupes Unlimited had my dream SC, a red on black 93 5 speed. If you browse the SCUI Facebook page from time to time you've probably seen it. It was a bit...
  17. plethaus

    WTB 92-95 SC 5 speed in excellent condition

    I'm looking for a '92-'95 SC 5 speed (no autos considered.) I have cash in hand and ready to buy, so let me see what you have! Not looking for a project car or something that needs a lot of repairs... just something I can jump in and drive. Absolutely no rust!
  18. plethaus

    Private messaging privileges

    Do you have to be a paid subscribed member to have access to private messaging? If not I think my account has been deactivated it would be great if someone could activate it for me. Or I will subscribe if need be