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    Andre perrault

    This guy sold me the nicest SC. It was everything he said it was and more and gave me a bunch of items and reading material with it. He also has answered all of my questions about the car in great detail and i have alot, Thanks Andre!!!
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    Water wetter?

    Does anyone know if this stuff really works? heard alot about it, getting ready for the Vegas heat just wondering if if there is any proven products out there to give us a edge or just go with the recommended coolant. Thanks.
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    95 blue sc auto

    The good: New motor installed 2012 35 thousand miles on it. New Dirty dog performance tranny installed 2014 20 thousand miles on it. New flowmasters force 2 system installed (done right no drone) New paint. New brakes and tires. New motor mounts. Custom 18 wheels. 97 hood. Nice stereo system...
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    94 SC- Auto

    I have my 94 SC for sale its really nice it has a new motor and new tranny in it both rebuilt from top to bottom. The engine has 3500 miles on it and the trans 2500. Its white with Mocha leather and a sunroof,also has a kenwood deck. It has a few basic mods:3 inch chrome intake,Ken Wagner double...
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    93 SC 5 Speed

    Thunderbird SC has 88 thousand org miles on it and is a 2 owner car. Mechanically the car is very sound and has new paint,tint and tires. The interior need some TLC however. The org owner took the aftermarket cd player with him so it need a radio and the drivers seat is a bit torn but not to...
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    Whats a fair price for my 93 sc 5 speed?

    I have a 93 sc 5 speed with 88 thousand org miles on it. Its a 2 owner car and mechanically sound. The inside needs tlc and it does need a paint job but runs great goes through smog. Its dark blue with all options except sunroof. Needs a radio as well. Has a rear wing and custom chrome wheels...
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    91 SC Mint

    For sale is my 91 SC Auto, Org owner with just over 80,000 miles on it. I have Org window sticker and all Maint records. All Maint has been done to this car since its birth going by the Ford manuals. Its all stock except the wheels. I put on 18 inch Helo wheels with brand new Goodyear tires all...
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    New sc a few pics

    My new to me sc. One owner car 80,000 org miles all stock. Great fun car. I would like to keep this car quiet. Will changing out the stock rad to aftermarket help? Just going to be doing minor mods. Thanks. <img...
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    sc or 97v8?

    I have a 97 v8 bird right now but looking to get another one to go with it. Which one responds to just the basic bolt on mods better sc or v8? I have the 373s in the v8 but still seems slow off the line although it did help somewhat. If i did that to this 91 auto sc would it feel way faster than...