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    Chgo, 89 5spd SC

    The time has come to sell the SC. The car runs and drives great as daily driver or track. Rebuilt trans about 1000 miles ago with new CF stage 2 clutch,new slave cyl. and flywheel, & motor about 16000 miles ago. A/C delete the right way w/ new tensioner/pulley/belt. New motor & trans mounts...
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    89 5 spd SC..Chicago

    .....All around good car. As you read I changed just about every wearable part on this car. Body had some surface spots ,but I grinded and primered. Could also use the front coil-over shocks replaced, That I have just don't have the time or tools to change them ( garage was robbed). Alot of guys...
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    Eliminating Firm Ride?

    I eliminated The firm ride option With new shocks in back and new springs and coil overs from a V8 up front. I want to lose the firm ride light altogether.Can someone tell me were all the relays, fuses, and computers, and/or self tests located? I also want to take out all wiring for this, but...
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    High Idle Problem.

    Took a corner pretty hard and opened it up out of the turn, After I let off the throttle the idle won't go under 2000 RPM's. Is there anything else on a stock SC that will make it do that besides IAC or the TPS? No vaccum leaks, no lights and car runs fine( no bogging or running rich ). 89 SC...
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    PCV vs. Breather?

    Can someone explain the differences., and what would be the pros and cons of using a breather on a stock engine? Thanks....
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    Wheel Stud Removal?

    Is there a way of getting the studs out without a press? Also, can I install the new stud without a press? ( 89 SC 5 speed, discs and rotors in the back.)
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    5 Speed Help!

    Some history first. I broke the shifting rods in the trans that moves the forks on the top cover plate. Changed plate with rods and forks. Installed trans. Trans worked fine but it knocked like a rod knock. Took it out, and had it rebuilt and new syncros. Installed the trans,and the same...
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    Chicagoland Guys!!

    Hey guys , I need a manual 5 speed trans. Just finished the motor and on the first day the trans couldn't handle it. I just need one that works for now while I rebuild mine thanks, Sam
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    89 Clutch ?

    I put a new clutch in the 89 about 6 months ago. Working great but about a week ago I'm noticing that 3/4 of the pedal is useless and the clutch doesn't disengage until the pedal is about 2 inches from the floor. And engaging is only 1 inch above that. So I'm only using about 2 inches of motion...
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    Snout seal

    Anybody in the Chicago area have a new supercharger snout seal? I need it today and all the stores don't have it.
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    Need Help, Doing Cutch Today

    I've done a search but how do you take out the clutch line from the side of the trans? It calls for a special tool but can't find it at auto parts store. Can someone tell me how to do it w/o the tool or what I can use? Thanks.
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    a/c delete ?

    Can someone post up a picture of the serpintine belt rerouted to delete the a/c with a smaller belt, also do I need to adjust the tension pulley?
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    Maf Mod.

    Has anyone ever done the MAF mod that is on, by drilling the sampling tube all the way threw? If someone has please let me know if there was an improvement in performance. I have an 89 5 speed and a free mod would really be nice on the wallet. Thanks.
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    95 Lumina 4trade.

    Sorry not an SC but,will trade for newly rebuilt 5 speed trans for my 89 SC. I have a 95 lumina V6 3.1liter , maroon body and interior. The body has minor little dings here and there (nothing major). The interior is great other than the dome light fell down (ez fix ). The motor was rebuilt 20k...
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    Back Seats?

    Did they make a 60/40 back seat for other than the leather option? I have a 89 SC with the dark red cloth interior and would really like that option. Also, if they did does someone have one I can purchase?
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    No Fuel ?

    Sorry it not for my SC, but I can't find help anywhere else. I have a 95 Lumina 3.1 V6 and the fuel injectors aren't opening. The car just died one day and I towed it home. I have 47lbs of fuel at the fuel rail. I changed the fuel filter,fuel pressure regulator, and new injectors. Nobody can get...
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    Rear Defrost ?

    I've had problems before with my rear defrost, it would go off in 10 seconds and would not go on for the rest of the day. Anyhow, my problem now is that when I turn the rear defrost on it works. But, when I turn on the headlights or just parking lights it goes off instantly. My friend told me...
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    Clutch Question

    I got a 89 5 speed and I know the clutch is going, makes for a horrible day at the track today. I don't know to much about transmissions and I'm not asking for the best clutch to buy. I'm asking if a T5 10 1/2 clutch would work in my car? My friend has one and will just give it to me if I weld...
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    Rainy Days

    I have a 89 5 speed with no real serious mods, and runs absolutly great. The only problem I have is on damp, rainy days it seems to not respond as quick as usual and have a high idol (1100 to 1200rpm) only for about 3 mins until it warms up, then it's back to running great. Could this be a sign...
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    Upshift light ?

    My upshift light doesn't function. When I turn the key to ON the light is on (engine off), but when I drive and I can red line the tach and the light NEVER goes on. What should I check/replace to make it function? Thanks.