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    Shudder / buck in 3rd gear

    Not yet - only because life has been crazy lately and it's not my daily driver. I know the plugs have some age on them so I plan to start with the plugs and wires... Keep me posted if you track down something first and I'll do the same. Thanks
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    90 SC Red with Black leather 33K miles

    congrats on that time capsule - very nice!
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    Shudder / buck in 3rd gear

    Thanks for the response. When we checked codes, there were none. Fuel was replaced. Cars been back on the road about once a week or so for about a month. It only seems to buck when shifting into third under acceleration. If you shift into third and baby the accelerator initially, you can...
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    Shudder / buck in 3rd gear

    I have a 90 SC 5 speed. Transmission rebuilt several years ago and ran fine. Car sat for about 4 years (about 2,000 miles put on it during that time). Recently I started driving more and noticed when shifting that as long as it's a slow easy shift through each gear at low rpm's, there is no...
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    Membership is now OPEN!

    Thanks Pat, I'll figure it out. Do you still have the SCCOA window stickers? Not a deal breaker but it would be a nice addition ! Thanks again, Bob
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    Switching ABS to Conventional.

    Thanks Ken, In the absence of a paypal account, how / where do I pay my dues? Is this still the correct email for information: ? Thanks again, Bob
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    Switching ABS to Conventional.

    trying to access thread Greetings, I am a member of SCCOA and am interested in your thread on the brake conversion. I have tried to access the thread you provided several times, but I cannot gain access - any thoughts? Thanks
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    1990 Thunderbvird SC for Sale

    Don't send to junk yard... that would be a travesty. Where are you in Georgia - relative to Bluffton or Charleston SC?
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    ARP Head studs

    Thanks as always Dave - you're awesome.
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    ARP Head studs

    Anybody willing or able to provide any insight? Rehashing an old conversation, but looking for an update: My understanding from old threads on the topic are that the ARP head studs for the Chevy 2.8 are a better fit than the ones for the 3.8 SC due to exhaust manifold clearance - still an...
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    F.S. Black Canadian Interior pieces - enough to do the seat belt conversion + extras

    seat belts I am interested in converting the seat belts in my 90 (driver side shoulder belt track has been broken for years). I would not need any of the back seat parts, but would I need the metal front seat bases or can I use the existing lap belt hardware I have? I though I would just need...
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    1990 Thunderbird SC

    Still can't load pictures for some reason, here's the link to the Craigslist post:
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    1990 Thunderbird SC

    SOLD to a great local guy who will continue to take good care of her.
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    WTB: 5spd SC South East

    SC in SE I sent you a pm
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    A Quality Seller with Integrity. I purchased a Teves II Master Cylinder assembly from this seller on good faith that it was in proper working order. The seller tested it prior to removal and confirmed it worked properly. He removed it promptly upon receipt of payment, packaged it really well...
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    Master cylinder not sure if my pm went through earlier. I'm interested in this master cylinder. Is there a better way to contact you? Thanks
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    Master cylinder PM sent to you.
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    92 sc $1500 obo

    Pm sent to you
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    Early Model (89-93) parts

    89-93 parts PM sent to you
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    Supercharger Swap

    Thanks you!!! I really appreciate this insight. I hope to hold off until around Christmas when I can take a few extra days off work and then dive in!