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    Part Out 1995 SC 90k

    Just took all the valuable parts off my 95 before I scrapped it. The car was running great before disassembling. Car had around 90k. Odometer broke 2 years ago at 77k and it sat for 1 year. The tranny was on its way out and the body wasn't good enough to put work into. Here is a list of what I...
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    Need Stock Wheels

    Looking for a set of stock wheels on Long Island, NY. Need 94-95 SC wheels, no tires necessary. I can also go for 96-97 LX since I believe they are the same or similar. I need to get these on so I can sell the car. Thanks.
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    Fuel Pressure Gauge and Correct Fittings

    XRP brand liquid filled under hood gauge. 0-60. works great. Was a life saver when my fuel pump died and I was able to just look at the gauge and pinpoint that as the problem. Looks badass to boot. comes with pictured fittings as well. $35 shipped in USA And here's a fat guy I found hopping...
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    J Mod Tranny Parts

    All new from a local performance trannny shop. Complete updated 2-3 Accumulator spring assembly Both seperator plate gaskets These are the only transmission parts you need to do the job. Never got around to doing it. This is for the 4r70W and will work in any car with that trans. As I am...
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    Ash tray lid

    I need a 94-97 T bird ash tray lid and the metal retainer as well. If anyone has it please let me know. If I have to, I'll consider buying the entire shifter bezel for an automatic. Thanks
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    Radiator 94-95 SC Auto *Brand New*

    Brand new in the box. 94-95 SC Radiator for automatic. Turned out not to be the radiator that was my issue. Extremely hard to find and expensive. Believe it or not I am taking a loss and selling for $250 shipped in USA
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    75mm Throttle Body Polished

    Slightly used Professional Products throttle body. 75mm. Had it on car for no more than 5k miles. Really worked well, especially with my 76mm MAF and Fenderwell intake. It also features the adjustable TPS mounting plate so you can pinpoint your perfect voltage. It should work right out of the...
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    C&L 76mm MAF 89-95 SC

    internet froze and double posted. Please DELETE
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    C&L 76mm MAF 89-95 SC

    Used 76mm mass air sensor for 89-95 Supercoupe with FACTORY SIZE INJECTORS. Please do not come in here with tech talk because I have already gone through it. I also believed that when using an aftermarket MAF you had to have a sample tube to calibrate it for either (89-93 30lb) or (94-95...
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    True Dual Exhaust Kit *NEW*

    Mandrel Exhaust Systems brand true dual pipe kit only. It is for the 92-97 Thunderbirds/Cougars, unless you have an 89-91 with the 92-97 gas tank. 2.5" with ball socket flanges This is the exact kit I am selling, with the 2.5" aluminized and ball socket option...
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    Tokico HP Shock/Spring Kit

    Have a set of used Tokico HP (blue) shocks and struts (non-adjustable) with matching Tokico lowering springs. Came as a kit when new. Shocks are in good shape and still work fine (also have lifetime warranty on them) Springs are good as well with the exception of the red powdercoat which is...
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    Fan For Stock Intercooler

    Super high quality Maradyne Fan. It's an 8" and it is reversable. Very powerful. I had this strapped to my intercooler on my 95SC for about 6 months but was incredibly lazy and never ran a switch into the car. This fan was literally run for about 20 mins on a cruise, ONCE. I just hard wired it...
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    Magnum Powers Raised Top

    Worked great for me, but going back to stock. I also have the SCP special spanner wrench for the nut which I will include for $40 extra. It's a piece of steel. Nothing to go wrong there :D. Here is the link with all the info about the top
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    MSD DIS 6 tower Coil like new

    Slightly used for about 5k miles. MSD coil for Supercoupe. Was in a 1995 should fit all other years and some other model Fords but check the interchange. MSD #5528 still have original box. $50 shipped
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    95 LX 4.6 Electric Fan

    Took this out of a parts car a while back and just found it while cleaning out the garage :D. From a 1995 LX 4.6 Tbird. Tested and works great. Comes with the harness and plenty of lead wire. Fan is in great shape, nothing is broken or cracked. Not sure what else it fits but would probably...
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    Front/Rear Caliper Rebuild Kits

    Raybestos brand. All New Part #WK893 <Front WK1967 < Rear 2 of each part # to service all 4 calipers. These were for my 95 SC, please check the year range to be sure its right for your car. $20 for everything, shipped in USA
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    RCI SA Rated Helmet *NEW*

    RCI Snell 2005 Helmet brand new in box. The Snell 05 rating is good until 1/1/17 so there is plenty of time left on it. Size XL - 7.75" head Color - White full face with clear flip up shield Fire resistand Nomex liner Helmet is good for any speed and any ET any type of event. I won't be...
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    Outer Tie Rod Ends MOOG

    Brand new MOOG outer tie rod ends for 89-97 Tbird/cougar. Part # ES3004RL Honestly don't get anything but moog for suspension/steering. $50 for the pair.
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    94-95 OEM Balancer

    Had this in storage for about a year. Its an OEM balancer. Guy I bought it from told me it had about 50k on it. I never put it on, it was just a backup. The rubber insulator is in good shape, not bulging out anywhere. Its just got a little surface rust from sitting I guess. No longer need it...
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    Sunroof Motor

    Selling my spare sunroof motor. Came out of a 1995 T bird. $15 shipped in USA