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    Lotek Pillar Pods

    Hey guys! I know you did a group buy last year, would anyone be interested in doing them again this year? If not, does anyone know if there is a coupon through our group? Thanks in advance!
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    Spark plug question

    So I understand that when overdriving the blower I need to run colder spark plugs with a smaller gap and bigger wires I was wondering how the autolite xp5144 compare to the autolite 103 plugs
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    Exhaust Advice

    Hey guys! Hope you all had fun at the Shootout, wish we could've made it! We are doing some brainstorming on exhaust options because I've got too much restriction going on... I would like a full system (manifold to the muffler branch) but I already have flowmaster mufflers...i'm open to someone...
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    in need of an abs pump motor!!

    Sorry this isnt in the wanted to buy section but its pretty urgent. Im in need of an abs pump motor for my 91 sc. I have a spare that is seized if someone wants that and mine when I get it out...maybe that can cut down on price? Thanks guys
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    Proportioning Valve...

    Apparently they are pretty hard to get your hands on so I was wondering if anyone had one laying around for a 91...please pm me price with shipping to 49505. Thank you!
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    any ideas? i'm stumped....

    Sooo if any of you remember, i posted right before I put my car into storage that my blinkers, climate control, firm ride, and my oil life meter (can't think of what its called right now) just stopped working on me a week or two before hibernation. After checking fuses, wires and other random...
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    '89 5speed (good project)

    This car isn't mine but i'm trying to get it into the hands of an educated sc junky :) Its in decent condition but i'm sure there is some negotiation in pricing. Please let me know if you are interested, really don't wanna see it sitting...
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    '89 5-Speed (great project)

    This car isn't mine but i'm trying to get it into the hands of an educated sc junky :) Its in decent condition but i'm sure there is some negotiation in pricing. Please let me know if you are interested, really don't wanna see it sitting...
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    SC for sale...

    So I know someone on here was talking about a bone stock white or black 5speed that he was looking into getting but I can't find the thread now. Apparently this sc I know of has just over 100xxx on it, and seems to be in pretty good condition. Hasn't been driven much, and upon looking at it in...
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    Is it a fuse?

    Soo the other day my turn signals stopped working. Then slowly my heat controls went out, and my firm ride doesn't work anymore...wth?? I pulled all my fuses under the dash and all of them look good but I lost my cover so I don't know which one controlls all of! :eek:
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    Shootout was AWESOMEEE!

    I know I had to bail out early today after doing some time trials but I just wanted to thank everyone who made me feel welcome at my first shootout! I will definately be there next year to hopefully win another award to go with my "rookie" award from this year :)
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    Gotta love the brakes...

    While getting ready for shootout, we decided to take all the tires off and check out the brake system thats been giving me issues. Ever since the motor went back in last month, i've been getting a constant hard pedal with steady ABS light AND brake light. Today we replaced all pads and rotors...
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    Stupid Odometer...

    As most of you know, I just finished my car and am trying to break it in... Heres the fun part, as i'm trying to count down the 500 miles, my odometer stopped working!!!! Everything else works like my tach, and speedo most of the time but my engine temp doesn't work any more. Do you think its...
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    More brake issues? :(

    It isn't my first rodeo with these brake systems but it seems ive lost all of my knowledge and cant seem to find any threads with my identical problem. Motor went in last weekend and got fired up this weekend...took her for a spin around the block and the pedal was sooo stiff i had to downshift...
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    She's alive!!!

    Just had to post that my baby came to life again tonight...smoking a bit and the idle is just a bit too high but that will all be fixed tomorrow :) Thanks to everyone who helped out in my dillemas of vacuum hoses and misc parts! See you all at shootout! :D
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    Really need help finding where these two hoses go... Tried printing off the wiring diagram and cant seem to see how any of them will fit, although the motor has been out for 8 months already! <a href=""...
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    Need help finding EEC

    The motor is still out of my car and the wire harness isn't put back in yet. I'm trying to get my chip made so i can drop in the motor this weekend but i can't find the code on the back of the EEC. Can anyone help? THanks :)
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    Few last second questions before motor drop-in :)

    I have some sensors that got broken in the process of taking the motor out and some that were broken and taped back on for the time being...any help to identify them would be greatly appreciated :) This sensor sits on the passenger side of the block... <a...
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    WTB-5% Overdrive Pulley

    Would like it if anyone has it laying around...please pm or reply if you have one you'd like to seel. Thanks!
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    My build...almost done!

    From pulling the engine to sand blasting and painting the engine bay (this past weekend) here are some pics of our progress...hope to see you all at shootout!