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    A/C System rebuild

    Just finished installing all new components in my A/C system , 2 questions , Compressor came prefilled with correct oil , does my crossflow condenser need oil too ? Does my low pressure line coming from condenser have an orifice tube built in it ? It has the factory crimp in it and you can...
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    Premium sound radio repair manual

    Sorry , don't know if he can , he replaced 75 transistors in my system , just ask him, he's good
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    Premium sound radio repair manual

    Paul Protos fixed my radio years ago , nobody better , is back in the radio repair business after a long break. Don't wait, look up Paul Protos radio repair
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    A/C System rebuild

    Yes all stock , but if the HP stuff is a vast improvement , I was giving it a thought. After driving the car new with R-12 vs 134 10 years later, 134 didn't cool as well , hopefully with all new stock components the 134 will cool better.
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    A/C System rebuild

    Is there a better A/C compressor / condenser than the stock unit for my 35th ( original owner ) ? After fixing all the engine bay hose leaks.*&^$%@!!... I decided that that wasn't enough pain , so I pulled the dash at 61yrs. old ( fun ) to replace the leaking heater coil and A/C evaporator ...
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    Coolant and brake leak

    Just got my timing cover / H2o pump gasket set today (Felpro) it's black with orange rubberized (silicone) line of some sort around the water passages and oil pass thru's and some narrow part lines . But not all around the complete timing cover
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    Bolt torque

    Do you think that wire wheeling/cleaning the timing cover mating surface on the block (in car) is good enough ? Or is their a better way ?
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    Bolt torque

    Wow , thats a little over hand tight, have a small leak around drivers passenger pass thru ,when hot. Cover looks in good shape I think I'll use the Right Stuff this time instead of copper RTV . Do you go a little tighter all around or leave it at 22lbs ?
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    Bolt torque

    I'm reinstalling my timing chain cover/ water pump . Online says 12-16 ft lbs. is that for small 10 mm bolts ? What about the coolant pass thru bolts and nuts ?
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    power steering pump

    Are all 90 power steering pumps the same ? If I need a special one for EVO where can I find one. My local NAPA couldn't find one .
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    Code 49

    I used Permatex Dielectric grease , will this work or is there something better? Funny you mentioned moving wires ,while cleaning connectors I did rearrange some wires so they looked more natural and untwisted , probably were not put back after rebuild exactly like they came from factory good...
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    Code 49

    Cleaned all motor electrical connections for the 3rd. time. Found the dielectric grease under the DIS heatsink all dried up and corroded .Wired wheeled and cleaned up and reapplied dielectric grease for what seems like the 5 time. Any idea's as to what causing the grease to dry up so fast (...
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    Code 49

    Thanks , I'll look into that tomorrow.
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    Code 49

    Got a code 49 today . Something to do with spark or SPROUD is the only info I could find. Can anybody tell me what might be going on ? Car was knocking slightly then something I heard in the engine bay clicked or switched cause the knocking stopped almost immediately but not completely.
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    Parting out 2 super coupes. 1 a 35th.

    chin strap looking for a good rad. air deflector. ( rubber like mat that hangs over sway bar)
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    burst clutch line 1990 SC

    clutch Sounds like clutch slave cylinder blew a seal.
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    1989 sc.

    She looks great how's interior ?
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    Great seller, found a hard to get plastic cowl for my 35th, fog light switch with working light, factory sub, all in great shape at a fair price, good communication,I'd buy from him again.
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    fuel tank issue

    My tank leaked at return line o ring only when running, had to carefully with hand snips cut hole under rear seat to observe leaking in action. New o rings on supply and return lines fixed fuel leak.