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    Shudder / buck in 3rd gear

    I have a 90 SC 5 speed. Transmission rebuilt several years ago and ran fine. Car sat for about 4 years (about 2,000 miles put on it during that time). Recently I started driving more and noticed when shifting that as long as it's a slow easy shift through each gear at low rpm's, there is no...
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    ARP Head studs

    Anybody willing or able to provide any insight? Rehashing an old conversation, but looking for an update: My understanding from old threads on the topic are that the ARP head studs for the Chevy 2.8 are a better fit than the ones for the 3.8 SC due to exhaust manifold clearance - still an...
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    1990 Thunderbird SC

    SOLD to a great local guy who will continue to take good care of her.
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    A Quality Seller with Integrity. I purchased a Teves II Master Cylinder assembly from this seller on good faith that it was in proper working order. The seller tested it prior to removal and confirmed it worked properly. He removed it promptly upon receipt of payment, packaged it really well...
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    Supercharger Swap

    I am in the process of swamping the stock sc on my 1990 with a late model (94) sc. I have been given some good insight on removing and replacing the supercharger, but am looking to the broad audience for additional guidance. I enjoy working on cars and routinely work on the family cars, but for...
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    engine cleaning

    Does anyone have any guidance or recommendations on deep cleaning and detailing the engine bay on an SC. I try to keep it clean, but will most likely be tearing into the engine somewhat in the near future and want to get rid of the grit, grime and sand so that (a) the engine bay looks great and...
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    Check Gauge Light

    My "Check Gauge" light has come on and is staying on. All gauges appear normal. I am having a cold start problem (see previous thread). Any ideas as to what this light refers to? Thanks
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    Cold Start Issue

    When cold starting my 1990 SC 5spd (stock with exception of CAI), the car turn over, but sputters and stalls for 2-3 attempts, then starts up and idles / runs fine. I've been given some good insight that it is most likely fuel related - ie a clogged fuel filter or failing fuel pump that does not...
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    Power door mirrors

    I took my car in for some transmission work and when I got it back my power door mirrors are not working. I can't imagine a correlation between the mirror and the trans, and aside from the door switch just randomly failing while at the mechanics, I assume its a fuse. I checked the fuse block...
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    headlight switch replacement

    Help, I'm trying to replace the headlight switch on my 90 SC. I have searched posts and seen helpful hints, but I am stuck. I have removed the dash face screws, pried the headlight switch knob off (not easy), and worked most of the retaining clips loose, but now I can't release the bottom...
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    Headlights flashing when fog lights are on

    I have a problem with my headlights flashing on-off when I have my fog lights on. If I leave the fog lights off, the headlights seem to work fine (I stopped using the fog lights several months ago and have not had any issues, but I want to fix whatever is not right). Is this a headlight...
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    Supercharger Swap versus S-Porting and other ideas for Performance gains

    With respect to any performance gains: I've read about the refinements to the later model superchargers (versus the earlier models) and how they helped with performance gains - Can a 94-95 Supercharger be directly swapped into a 90 SC, or are there necessary modifications to make it fit and...