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    red '90 SC in Philadelphia area, plus extras

    EDIT: car sold! The time may have finally come to part with my beloved SC. I've had this car for 22 of its 27 years, but I have less time these days to put in the work to keep a car like this running and in good shape. I recently blew the head gasket (probably) and I'm just not going to have...
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    typical ABS issue with a weird wrinkle

    For a few years my '90 SC had the common condition where the ABS/brake light would go on under hard braking. That usually indicates an accumulator ball problem so about a year an half ago I replaced it with one of spinningwheels' aftermarket ones. Since then until just recently everything's been...
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    '91 SC door & bumper cover (red), wheel well guards, interior quarter panel (black)

    '91 SC door & bumper cover (red), wheel well guards, interior quarter panel (black) Selling the following parts. These were all purchased from a seller I met on this board for my '90, but I never ended up using them. left (driver) door with keyless entry - door only, no interior trim panel or...
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    suspension and chassis parts and free stuff

    Various suspension and chassis parts below. Shipping is actual cost for UPS from Philadelphia, PA, or you can pick up. PM me or email me (faster): ktristan at --- These are from a '90 SC, removed in the course of various mods. All are stock parts, and all were in good working...
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    Paul Protos (TwoTimeSC )

    Email Address: User Name: TwoTimeSC Vendor/Individual: Individual Comments: Not technically a 'seller', Paul services the factory premium JBL audio systems (head unit and CD player). I emailed him to ask about his services and received a VERY detailed reply. He...