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    89-93 Fuel Rail

    In need of a good clips and straight rails fuel rail. Please let me know total shipped to 50021.
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    KAMS not matching

    I am at the breaking point. Last fall it was reading similar and I swapped it to a 95mm TB and a slot maf and it read 1.0 and 1.0. I pulled plugs to verify they weren't flooded and now it's back to .793 and 1.0. Swapped 02s and no change. Tapped the fuel rail and checked for an exhaust...
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    Sunex Tools - 7708 Dolly

    Anyone used these? I know Northerntool has theirs, but these have better casters and I like the locking better on these and the handle. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them? Their website says they weigh 132lbs. That can't be right...
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    95mm TB gasket

    Are you all making your own?
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    89-93 Fuel Rail

    Wanting a fuel rail for early model. Please let me know condition and price shipped to 50021.
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    Battery hold down

    Let me know what you need for it shipped to 50021.
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    Jaybird cable

    Anyone have a picture of the cable to run from the pc to the chip?
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    Complete Exhaust

    Needing exhaust for stock 94/95 manifolds all the way back with the updated fuel tank. Shipping is to 50201. Please let me know availability and price. Victor isn't answering the phone and Bill is out of town until at least the 4th. Needing these parts now. If within 600 miles of 50201 I...
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    Dyno Day

    Anyone interested in a Dyno Day? It can be lined up with Karl's Chevrolet in Ankeny, IA (Des Moines). Want to get my car tuned in and Dalke here to do it. There isn't a time setup yet as I wanted to see if there would be any interest or if there was a similar even already being planned...
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    WTB: Exhaust 2.5" Dual

    Looking for some 2.5" dual exhaust. Can be either stock manifold or Mid Length header connections. Anyone have a set for sale?
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    Needing pretty much everything excluding the door panels and center console for 89-93 non Moonroof/Sunroof Seat COVERS front and rear Carpet Head Liner Visors Rear Deck/ Parcel Shelf Prefer grey, but black may work Cloth or Leather Please let me know the total shipped to 50021.
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    Craigslist find in IA Says its a 95 with 97 miles. 5 speed and he wants $9,500 for it. Black exterior with Blue interior. The plates on it are not IA plates, but rather Maryland.?.? Wondering if he didn't mean 97,000 miles. Anyhow, thought someone on here...
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    Next Meet

    Who has some ideas? Council Bluffs Des Moines Cedar Rapids Quad Cities Get some votes going.
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    Stock Wheels, IC piping, Plenum, hat, coil pack

    Need to clean house. Will get more pictures up later. Prices do not include shipping. Stock Wheels $25 each IC piping $15 each or both for $25 SC Hat $15 Plenum 89-93 $15 I am sure there are more parts as I keep cleaning. Will post as they are found.
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    When to Slot MAF

    New engine is in and I am not going to be able to install the FMIC just yet until another bumper cover is purchased. My question is that currently using the 80MM C&L maf canister with the tune from Dave. With this new engine there will be tuning needed and I will be attempting the changes...
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    Front bumper cover for 89

    Went to install FMIC and my front bumper cover is in no condition to be removed and reinstalled at this point. If anyone has one that is silver and or preferred "sandalwood" aka tan please let me know total shipped to 51534. No, it doesn't have to have the SC as we are required to put front...
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    KW Double IC W/ Shroud

    This unit has never been ran. Bought it to get the car back together quicker, but with other things taking longer the FMIC was installed and this is now won't be used. $350 plus shipping to the lower 48.
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    Meet plans for Spring 2016

    Should have the bird back up and going by the 19th. Who is up for a meet? Omaha DSM Cedar Rapids Post up so we can decide.
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    New Griffin Radiator

    Looking to purchase a Griffin for myself, so I wanted to ask if others were interested. The model I am purchasing is 8-00278 w/o tranny lines and 8-70278 w tranny lines. These are the new model and numbers for 89-93. The older model 7-290BJ-FXX had 1" tubing and the new model has 1.25"...
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    89 Cowl Count Needed

    Let me know if you have a 1989 Bird that could use a new set of wiper cowls please. Working with a vendor to have these manufactured. Need a number to bring to them as we have to make it worth their while and within our budget(s).