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    I have a PayPal account. I have never used it. How do I sell parts, and collect the money using PayPal? Thank you Jim JOHN 3: 16
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    Fox chassis Mustang GT to Thunderbird sc?

    The question is: Will a high torque Mini starter from an 1989 Mustang GT work on a Thunderbird sc? Thank you, Jim JOHN 3:16
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    92 MANUAL black sc for sale in Georgia

    For sale is a 1992 T Bird 5 Speed, Black with Black Leather, sc. GA. Car no rust. New brakes, Booster, calipers, rotors on Front, pads, rear shoes, Brake wheel cylinders and Hardware. Trans is m5r2 from a 94/95 Has synchromesh. Needs FORD Friction modifier. Moon roof. Replaced motor. New led...
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    PRICE REDUCED! Rebuilt M5r2, by mike Puckett for sale

    1992 M5r2 rebuilt by mike puckett. He replaced the Blocker rings, Which were toast With the carbon Fiber blockers I Bought from scp. He also said all Else looked good. No waiting for a rebuild. Just put this one in, put synchromesh, n friction modifier in, n go. Asking 400.00 . I have the...
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    Clamp removal

    Hi guys, I would like to replace the INNER tie rods on my 92 SC. I' am being held up by the clamps for the bellows. Does anyone know how to remove these clamps? They are in a bear of A spot. Thank you, Jim JOHN 3:16
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    How do I know which blower I have?

    When I traded for my sc, I opened the trunk and there was a sc with pulley. The Bird is a 92. The car has a sc on it, and it is running. Are there any markings on the sc to determine what year the sc that was in the trunk is? It seems to be good. The rotors turn without problem. Thank you...
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    I purchased a MAF from no164ford. He sent the part as soon as he received my payment. He sent the MAF attached to the housing to protect the element. He said it works, and it does. If I still have this car, and he has the parts I need I would DEFINITELY buy from him again. Jim JOHN 3:16
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    M5r2 slave cylinder fluid

    What fluid does the slave cylinder leak on a 1992 TBird sc, and where is the bleeder screw located? This was recently replaced, and I' am REALLY HOPING they didn't tighten the bleeder screw. Thank you, Jim JOHN 3:16
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    Does anyone have?

    Does anyone have a good working stock mass air meter they don't need? I don't need the housing, just the meter. Thank you, Jim JOHN 3:16
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    Does anyone have?

    Does anyone have a stock mass air meter from a 1992 TBird sc they don't need? I don't need the housing, just the meter. Thank you, Jim JOHN 3:16
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    Viking coil over shocks

    I saw an ad for Vikin Performance. They sell Suspension parts. They sell Double adjustable coil over rear shock for the 92 Bird, however look them up at vi-king. You will have to contact them to find out if they have anything for your application. Thay carry more parts then just shocks.
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    UPDATED: FRESH REBUILT m5r2 rke 5 speed trans

    Fresh rebuilt by Mike Puckett 1992 m5r2 rke 5 speed transmission. Mike said it had been previously rebuilt, and that there were minor problems with the rebuild, but NOTHING major. After the rebuild, he tested it and, Mike said he "would pop it in his car, and go racing." However he has 3, and...
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    Does anyone have a Blower Motor Resistor for sale?

    I took the Blower Motor resistor out, it looks like a small radiator with an electrical connector. Conyers Ford can get it, but it's $300.00. Thanks guys, Jim JOHN 3:16
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    Does anyone have an answer for this?

    I took my 1992 sc to Sims radiator for a flush and fill. When I went to pick it up, they said it runs hot, and that the fan runs when the AC is turned on. I have no idea what was done to this car before I got it, as there:eek: is no documentation for what has been done, except for what I have...
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    Does anyone need an m5r2 rke 5 speed trans?

    I have a 1992 m5r2 rke trans from a 1992 supercoupe. It needs to be rebuilt. I have the carbon fiber lined blocker rings from Bill at Supercoupe performance. The blockers are new in the box. If you want this, would you prefer as is with fiber lined synchros, or rebuilt by reputable rebuilder...
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    To sell Rebuilt using Fiber blockers, or to sell as is with fiber blockers

    I will be selling the m5r2 rke 5 speed manual out of my 1992 SC. It is already out of the car. Would anyone prefer to buy this rebuilt with fiber blockers for $1,800.00, or the trans, and fiber blockers still in box for $800.00? Can deliver in the SE: GA TENN SC NC FL BAMA. CANNOT SHIP...
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    Stereo repair

    I had asked Paul Protos if he was repairing the JBL Premium stereo again. He said he is. He had stopped for 21/2 years due to health issues. His contact info is:
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    Testing the waters.... Selling 1992 m5r2 rke 5 speed manual

    I will be selling the m5r2 5 speed trans that was in my 1992 SC. The question: Whoever is interested, would you prefer the trans and fiber lined blocker rings for $800.00, or the rebuilt trans using the fiber lined blocker rings for $1,800.00? Southern Gear sells the m5r2 with BRASS blockers...
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    JBL premium stereo

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of attempting to sell my bird. I would like the stereo to work. Everything is there, and almost hooked up. The question pertains to the JBL sub box. The car had an aftermarket stereo in it. Coming from the package tray are 4 bolts with spacers that are about 1/2"...
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    Speedomeer help?

    When I traded the 92 sc for a 94 F150, the speedometer didn't work. Replaced the speedo for a 145 MPH unit and gears with the better ones from Bill Evanoff. Still doesn't work. 92 M5R2 is in need of a rebuild, so I got a used 94/95 M5R2 from Ryan at the sc shop, and had it put in. I was hoping...