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    2nd AC Compressor for IC?

    Isn't the new Lightning motor AC'd on the intake side? Is this feasible with our motors, or already been discussed? Sorry if it has, just had the thought.
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    How many *(&%(*% relays does your car have?!?!

    Well, Ford's scematic says I should have 3 relays on the passenger firewall... 1. WOT - A/C shutoff relay 2. Hydraulic brake pump relay 3. ABS relay Well, the 89 XR-& has 2. One buried deep in engine? Nope, only 2 connected to the entire wiring harness the shop says. Logically, I have to...
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    Interesting read about Merlin Auto Shops & some facts

    Presto! Merlin Muffler & Brake Changes will now be called Merlin 200,000 Mile Shops GENEVA, Ill.--May 3, 2006--Twenty years ago, not even a magician like Merlin could help cars reach the 200,000 mile mark. But modern cars, minivans, SUV's, and light trucks have been built to last longer, and...
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    Sqeaking brake fix?

    I've got a miminal sqeak that's constant. It's not too loud but can be heard while driving. I dumbly bought some brake squeal stopper, but it says to not spray on the rotors or pads directly. Now I fail to comprehend how it will stop my noise. Anyone have any luck with any sprays or foams or...
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    Ed Andrews (The-Big-E)

    Email Address: User Name: The-Big-E Vendor/Individual: Individual Comments: Basically, Ed has been a solid and available resource for me. A few random parts early on, it wasn't until the car was completely down, he overnighted me a brake pump that day without worrying...
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    No cruise control, help?

    I think the cruise stopped working when I did the brake pump swap ordeal, but haven't noticed til last night when I tried it out. What should I check besides fuses? I am wholly ignorant of the cruise system and where sensors are, etc. Thanks, sorry it's vague.
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    94/95 1st & 2nd gears into an 89 M5R2?

    I keep hearing how the 94/95 had better gearing. Possible to replace the 1st and 2nd gears in my tranny to those from 94/95? For instance, I have a new clutch, flywheel, rear main, and shifter to install. Can I swap gears while I am at this stage, or is it a lot more involved?
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    Oil in intercooler tubing...

    I just replaced my powersteering pump (worst design for a pulley ever) and noticed quite a bit of engine oil in the tubes. I know my rear main is leaking and have had new valve cover gaskets put on a year ago or less. Is this a huge problem. She runs very well, idles smooth, hits almost 11...
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    IC fan gains/worth?

    About to do a 10% OD pulley soon and thinking of grabbing an IC fan until I can grab a double IC. Pusher or puller? A must have?
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    Subframe bolt walkthru?

    I feel one of my problems may lie in loose subframe bolts. Can anyone post an exact walkthru of what it takes to tighten them? Remember, I am basically a moron. Tools needed, jacking the car on K-member or just using ramps, things to be attentive too, etc. Searching netted me a lot of talk...
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    WTB Wiper Arm bushings...

    When I took the cowl off to get to my brake system, I noticed that where the wiper arms connect under the cowl, there is a LOT of play at the point where there's a very tight bend and the elbow is a ring that goes around this little rod. I explain it for crap, but if you have the cowl off, you...
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    Photoshop request... silver Cougar

    I'll be getting paint in a few months, but trying to decide on whether to keep her black or something new. I'm in Atlanta, so she bakes for 10 months out of the year, painfully so. Plus, a silver metallic may make her look more modern? Is there a black metallic that reflects better? Anyway...
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    91+ wheel hub same as '89?

    Got some serious grinding noises coming from the right front tire area when I make a left turn. Wheel hub for the '89 is $182 at Autozone. In reading the brake forum, it says swap to a '91 hub. Is it just that easy? Because the '91 hub looks to be a lot cheaper too.
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    Is there another ARC sensor in the brake system?

    I know the white plastic one that is almost at the bottom of the engine bay, that I had replaced 6 months ago, but.... In replacing the pressure switch and brake pump this weekend, 2 odd things happened. 1. The relay I bought was brown not grey (not sure if the color matters), but one side of...
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    Photoshop request.... The Kasai rims on an XR7, if anyone can do it. With my failure to find a set of 18's in 7spoke that fit without the swap, I may end up going with the Kasai, since I do actually like them. If anyone has some skillz, I would appreciate it...
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    Honda sites/forums?

    I recently purchased a 1988 Honda Accord LX as a beater when the Cougar is down (like it is now). Anyone know the major Honda sites (like this one for SC's) for parts/info so I can get her in good working order? Thanks, Josh "Rice Master J" Studrawa
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    WTB '89 Brake Pump and Pressure Switch

    Seems SIA is out of them and I need them badly. PM me with prices and overnight shipping, please.
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    GM offering $140k for workers to STOP?!?!

    General Motors is offering hourly workers as much as $140,000 each to leave the company as the troubled automaker extends its push to cut labor costs and put an end to billions of dollars in losses. The company also announced an agreement with bankrupt auto parts maker Delphi and the UAW that is...
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    Idle Air Control Valve?

    Last week my CEL came on and I noticed a performance difference. When I am driving and take my foot completely off the gas, she seems to slow down faster then normal. Then if I punch it, she'll buck a bit before settling into accelleration. Plus, if I stomp it, let off, stomp it more, I can...
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    Oil change intervals? Pretty good read, but opinions?