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    Hydroboost to Conventional brake conversion

    Yah, that hydroboost's not anything most folks here will know anything about. But yes, that 3 post booster fits in 3 of the holes the Teves fit into. (Or maybe there's a plug for one of the bolts, not sure, don't remember, but the TBird booster from the LX bolts right in.) RwP
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    Hydroboost to Conventional brake conversion

    The Teves Mk II isn't a hydroboost, and isn't connected to the power steering lines at all. If it's hydroboost, it's not a Teves ABS, and there's no telling what booster will fit in its place.
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    How to test steering evo

    Well if you don't use the EVO valve, you'll get full power steering assist all the time, and it may feel light on the highway. WITH EVO, it firms up at speed to keep road feel. If the EVO valve fits, it's an EVO pump and reservoir. RwP
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    rear brake caliper blowing parking brake seal

    I'm going to say, from my past experience, the problem is the CARDONE on the rebuild. Might want to see if you can find a Raybestos or other reman'ed brand someplace like Amazon. RwP
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    Heater Blower Speed Controller

    RESISTOR - yes. SPEED CONTROLLER - no. For the EATC, the speed is infinitely variable (almost!), so it's a pass transistor and some support parts, not a simple resistor. RwP
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    Window cowl 91 SC

    So the front upper cowl, both pieces? Good news - 1989-1992 swaps. Bad news - you'll have hell to pay to find a good pair. (Has anyone scanned and set up a 3D printer file for those yet?) RwP
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    Window cowl 91 SC

    Front, rear, right, left? RwP
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    My Gauge Cluster

    Alas, no; they dim ever so slightly until they turn off. SBL and VLEDS both stock dimmable ones, though; I was cheap. Should be no flicker on a DC circuit; I don't notice any anyway. RwP
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    Heater Blower Speed Controller

    Heh. I meant desoldering the transistor ... the module itself is easy to swap. Somewhere along the way either the heater core sprung a leak, or the drain plug plugged. That's about all that will cause that to rust like that. RwP
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    My Gauge Cluster

    I bought mine from SuperBrightLEDS . I'd also recommend buying warm white LEDs, so that all the colors light up. VLEDS.COM also has a good reputation. RwP
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    Heater Blower Speed Controller

    Good news - most common failure seems to be that TO3 power transistor, and it's still available from folks like Mouser and DigiKey. It's a pain to remove and replace, but that, and a new electrolytic, should restore it to proper operation. Yes, I have one, but it's my spare for my 1991 Cougar...
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    Check engine light

    EGO - Exhaust Gas Oxygen. RwP
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    What happened to Ed Nicholson?

    This may help some: RwP
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    My Gauge Cluster

    Buy better bulbs. The cheap eBay or Amazon LEDs will quit quickly. RwP
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    Street Tire Choice

    To amplify MadMikeys' comments, you can find load / PSI tables on the Internet for most sizes of tires. Here's one that works for most usages...
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    Factory headunit

    I wish to welcome you back into the field! RwP
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    1993 Non start

    Check in the wiring trough under the door jamb on the driver's side. My 1991 had some yellow wires that had somehow melted (!!!) and took out the starter circuit. RwP
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    Key pad entry

    Can you post a picture of it? RwP
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    Desperate need

    The Neutral Safety Switch is part of the MLPS. RwP
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    Driving home last night, white smoke from exhaust and hood - blown HG?

    I just want to repeat and emphasize - CHECK ALL THE RUBBER HOSES. If this one cracked, the others may not be very far behind if any. RwP