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    Atlanta Craigslist Find

    Saw this on the Atlanta Craigslist, it's a '93 5-speed. Description is a bit sparse...
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    SC Spotted in Springfield, Virginia

    I saw a 94/95 Black SC 5-speed leaving the Springfield, Virginia mall yesterday morning. It is not very often I see Super Coupes let alone an example which is very rare. Anyone on here? Looked great, love hearing that sc whine (haven't heard it since I sold mine).
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    Just bought a pedal assembly from TSC89. Item as described, quick shipping, and fast communication. Would buy from again A++++++++++++ Seller
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    Manual Pedal Assembly

    I know this is in high demand but.. Need a 5-Speed Supercoupe/XR7 pedal assembly, does anyone have one for sale? Thanks! ***DON"T NEED A PEDAL ASSEMBLY ANYMORE, HAVE A SET ARRIVING IN THE MAIL***
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    Still For Sale, Electric-Current Red 5-Speed South of Atlanta - 3k

    Hey all, it was suggested that I start a new thread because my old one was "tainted." It was pretty busy on there and I agree a fresh start would be nice. Car is in same condition except I accidentally broke the lens on the climate control display; not a big deal, still works as it should...
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    For Trade '95 ThunderBird SuperCoupe 5-Speed

    I'm just south of ATL Car is Electric-Current red, Gray leather, No Sun-roof Will trade up or down (+/- cash on my end) Looking for something interesting. Brand doesn't really matter; but I don't want a Kia Stick-shifts a plus (no mn12's though) **Also interested in projects, old...
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    NOW - $3500 - 1995 Red 5-Speed SC still for sale in GA

    Hey, sorry I couldn't edit the title again for some reason.. I'm currently asking Price-Drop: $3,000 for the electric-current red SuperCoupe I'm south of Atlanta on I-85 I can also do a trade, but no SC's.. And if I trade it needs to be with a car of equal value, but I'd PREFER cash anyway...
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    ROUGH CL Find: '90 5-Speed

    Looks expensive for what's there, but maybe a good project for someone on here if you can get it for cheap. It showed up on an Atlanta search on craigslist.
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    Craigslist find: 1990 Cougar XR7 5-Speed, Kansas

    Looks nice
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    For Sale: 1995 SC 5-Speed, GA

    ***NEED CAR GONE ASAP!!!*** 4k, OPEN TO OFFERS!!! The car as it is now: THE GOOD: Great interior, (minor imperfections at the top of the rear seats from sun damage, and bottom of the driver's seat needs to be resewn) No Sunroof (from what I hear, that's rare) Electric Current Red (also...
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    Belt for '94/95 with 5% Blower Pulley

    Hey, I looked on the forum and online before posting this. It seems info on this subject is a bit sparse.. I have a 5% pulley on my blower, and need a replacement belt. I realize that the stock '89-93 SuperCoupes use the pulley I have. Would a stock '89-93 belt work for me? Or is the...
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    Looking for a good, used EEC-IV Reader

    Looking for an EEC-IV Reader for under $30, including shipping. Let me know if you have one. Thanks!
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    Varying Clutch Pedal Freeplay

    Hey, I have looked on the forum before posting this. I haven't seen any posts that talked about varying clutch pedal freeplay. Ok, when I first start driving the clutch pedal freeplay (the distance when you lightly press the clutch pedal and feel the initial resistance) is totally fine (barely...
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    Best Remedy For an SC that's a Bit Rusty..

    Hey, I got my first SuperCoupe a few weeks back and am eager to bring it back to the best possible condition. Unfortunatly, it has spent much of its life in the ''rust-belt'' it appears to have been driven when ice was on the roads (and unfortunatly salt also) and was put away in a warm garage...
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    Looking For 1994/1995 STOCK Supercharger Pulley

    Looking For 1994/1995 STOCK Supercharger Pulley, send me a PM or Reply if you have one, Thanks!
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    Supercharger Pulley Size Help

    Hello, I just purchased an SC a few days ago so I'm a noob at this. Please excuse my inexperience, but this is definetly the place to ask questions and get good responses. I understand that putting a smaller pulley on a factory set up can cause higher manifold temperatures, leaning, and...
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    Looking for 1994/1995 5-speed Super Coupe in Southeast U.S.

    Hello, I'm looking for a 1994/1995 (airbags) 5-speed Super Coupe in nice condition in the southeast U.S. I live in Georgia, so nowhere beyond Texas or above Kentucky/Virginia. Maybe a few mods but nothing crazy. Let me know what you have, even if it doesn't fit the exact combo below. The...