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    1990 style Moon roof switch

    Hi, Looking to get the internal and external switch assembly. Mine still works, but one if internal plastic parts of the frame broke, so I have to keep on pressing it in pretty far. If you could please attach a picture of the part, that would be nice. Thanks!
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    89-93 Front Passenger Side Seat Cushion

    I'm looking for the front passenger side seat cushion. Need only the cushion. Looking to re-upholster my front seats in my 1990. Please, provide a picture. Thanks!
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    Need two small parts.

    I lost my warning cap to the cooling system a while ago and kinda of miss it. My "coast/set accel" button has one of the small plastic clips broken and looking for a replacement that's intact. The attached picture shows the correct steering wheel (89-93) that's identical to the one I have...
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    Lewis Goutermount

    Email Address: ( ) User Name: (Lewis) Individual Comments: Looking to purchase a set of rear stabilizers, whereby I was contacted by Lewis and then was sent a conformation photo of the parts I needed at my request . After payment was given to individual, shipment of requested...
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    Rear Stablizer

    I'm looking to get a set of rear stabilizers (left and right) for a fair price. These are pretty common on any version of MN12s. No rust please. Please see included pictures. Contact:
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    European (Germany) Chapter

    I own a heavy modified 1990 SC. I am interested finding other Thunderbird owners, so I don't feel so alone out here :( Ken
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    Oil Dip Stick

    Parts needed: Oil Dip Stick, dip stick tube, and dip stick tube sleeve. The sleeve is inserted into the engine block. All this from a 1989-93 SC. E-mail: Thanks, Ken
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    Super Coupe Performance/Bill Evanoff

    Email User Name: Bill Evanoff Vendor/Individual: Vendor and Individual I've been buying parts from Bill since 1997, and have sent him thousands of my hard earned cash. Receiving 110% satisfaction on all my orders. Thanks Bill, Ken Pisani
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    Jeffrey Matko/Jimpsu

    Jeffrey Matko/lowflying90 Email Address: User Name:lowflying90 Vendor/Individual:Individual Comments: Sent the correct auto part and sent it out promptly. Will choose to do business with again.