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    Gen1 Cougar XR7 Rear Sails

    Canadian Style wanted. I'm getting tired of rebuilding the passive restraint system; I'd like to convert to the "active restraint" (aka "Buckle your seat belt and shoulder harness!") However, the Gen2 sails have a "swoop" speaker cover, or I'd just use a pair of those. I'd rather keep the...
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    Tone ring tooth count?

    I'm feeling a bit lazy tonight (along with getting over some severe gastric problems ... let's just say imodium AD wasn't strong enough) so I don't want to crawl under my car and check. Does anyone have a ABS tone ring on a half shaft out, and can they count the # of teeth on it? Thanks! RwP
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    3D printing in the future

    Today, 3D printers, while doing amazing and marvelous stuff, aren't up to what I want for my car. However, it's primarily a matter of scaling. So, what would YOU want to 3D print for your car? I can see a big enough printer to replace the basic dash in a MN12 Gen1 - albeit with no foam or...
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    90 EVTM pages

    Does anyone have a 1990 EVTM? I'd like to compare the pinouts for the electronic dash ( section 63 in the 1991 EVTM ) and see if there's any chance a 1990 "disco dash" would work with the 5.0HO in my 1991. And how hard it would be to alter the wiring for the current Sport cluster to make it...
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    89-93 Black Dash

    As stated, without cracks. Ideally black, a dark color I could dye to black would be acceptable. IDEALLY an 89-90 with the tissue compartment. Also, within about 250 miles driving of Shreveport LA so I could drive and pick it up - it'd be expensive to ship. RwP
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    Sub install

    I had a friend of mine call me and ask for some help in a dual sub install in his car. Here's the pic he sent me: RwP
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    97 Console Top

    Here is a cup holder top from a 1997 - I THINK Cougar, but I really don't remember (I've had it for several months now.) It's overall in good shape - there's some scratches towards the back of the car and just to the driver's side of the cupholders. Here's a pic of the top: Here's from the...
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    Boneyard testing

    There's a boneyard that has a 1995 SC, complete with the SC on top still. How could I check it to see if it's worth getting? What else should I get? BTW - This is for resale here, if the price be right. I'm not that interested in retrofitting it to my 5.0HO :D:D (Which is plenty for me...
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    If your car STILL clunks ...

    I've been chasing a "front end clunk" for almost eight months now on my 1991 Cougar. I've done the lower control arms, swapped shocks/springs with a 1990 XR7 (same spring code, both ARCs, the one from the yard had under 68Kmiles on it), had already done upper control arms, did the strut rod...
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    Boy, it's HOT!

    Took this picture across the street yesterday: Not really my pic - but it's how it FELT yesterday! RwP
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    WTB: Rear bearing tool set

    Anyone have a tool set for the rear bearings in and out of the spindles on the MN12s? I'm looking for a set so I can do my car (stepson has a 20 ton press, but I need the bearing tools to avoid breaking the spindles.) RwP
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    Cougar headlights and corners for sale

    I have the original 1991 (fits to 1995) Cougar headlights off of Ruby Jean, the 1991 Cougar I own. Here are some pics of them: (note: 10MP pics available by changing the name from .JPG to _Big.JPG ) I'm sure new would be clearer, but I've only hit it once with Plast-X to polish them, so...
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    Center cap for 1991 Cougar XR7

    The center cap for the 7-spoke 16" wheels (I think they were sport wheels on the TBirds), but for the Cougar. I need one, would buy all four if you have'em. Plus shipping to 71111, cheapest way possible. I can get a pic of the ones I have in a day or two. RwP
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    Spindle Nuts

    OK - I lost two studs on the front driver's hub today. I do have a spare hub, so I can swap them. I DON'T have a spare front spindle nut, but I DO have two spare rear spindle nuts. They both spec the same except the front one's natural, the back one's black, and the back ones cost more...
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    Wanted: JBL Sub studs

    See, Sweetie's Cougar didn't come with the JBL PSS, just the Ford PSS. So I'm upgrading her. Got the subwoofer in (and yes, the 20 year old surround didn't anymore), and have a new driver ordered. Amp is in good shape, as is the main amp (i.e., I get some bass out of it now.) HOWEVER - I...