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    1989 SC, manual, Colorado Springs CO -- has to go ASAP

    1989 SC, manual trans, 160Kish miles. Would make a good parts car or re-build. It needs a lot of work but runs solid. Engine is strong, still responsive and smooth, body is decent. Not looking to part the car out, need to get rid of it to make room for others. Was going to re-build/restore...
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    Props to mywhite89

    Just purchased the '95 SC he and his wife were selling. The description of the car and its condition were spot on, in some cases even better than advertised. They were very responsive, answered all of my questions (and there were MANY e-mails/texts before we met), gave me references of folks...
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    Supercharger or pulley died? Stalls/dies at low RPM/idle/neutral

    89 SC, just cleared 153K miles on a 9 hr road trip (1st extended drive in years...yah, I know). Boost gauge stopped working, stays in "VAC", barely goes into "HG" or boost when I jam the gas or lay off it. Loud whining noise (not the whine of the supercharger) when I am on the gas, car...
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    Bad window motor?

    Driver's side window motor turns, but it won't close/open the window without help. Took the window motor out (the original on a '89 SC), and saw blue cra* inside it. Installed a new window motor, runs fine. Question: see pics. Kind of hard to see, but there was blue gunk all over the...
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    High idle (2500 RPM) problem

    I have a 89 SC, 135k, 5-speed, haven't had any significant problems until now. It was running perfectly until I went through a car wash with those high pressure under carriage washes. Turned the car off when I entered...came out with RPM at 2500 or so, and it settled to about 22-2300. Turned...