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    Walbro fuel pump replacement

    I had my stock fuel pump replaced a few years ago with a walbro 190. Its using stock harness, will the wires hold up or will the pump mess something up over time?
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    Radiator choices

    I need a new radiator for my car, I got a bad leak. If I have a transmission cooler should I buy a radiator for the five speed without the transmission cooler? I only see Griffin radiator is available at
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    Hydroboost to Conventional brake conversion

    Hello all, I'm just trying to find the right brake booster for my 92 SC. Here are some pics of my old Teves brake booster and my booster I purchased from O riley's. The bolts dont seem to line up.
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    Just purchased new pump for Teves

    Hello all, I just purchased a brand new pump for my Teves brake system. My old one stopped working, will it work if I replace the pump?
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    Timing cover studs

    Does anyone have any extra timing cover studs they could sell me?
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    Small Performance Mods for Stock 92 SC

    I have a spare 94 block that is almost finished being rebuilt. I plan to use stock heads, cam, 92SC throttle body and stock 30# injectors. I want to get the supercharger rebuilt too. Would the engine run ok if I get the S porting for the supercharger, magnum powers supercharger top and a double...
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    Looking for a donor AOD

    Hey everyone I am looking for a spare AOD for my SC to be rebuilt, what are my best options just in case the SC ones at the junkyards are in bad condition. Would a 91 F-150 or a Ecoline work? I think I read somewhere that the outer shell of the 5.0 T-Bird/Mustang AOD are weaker than the SC ones...
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    Is there a chatroom on SCCOA? If not will they ever make one?
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    Starter Ignition Switch

    Lately ive been having electrical problems with all of the interior lights in the car. I haven't been able to figure out what it is yet, I checked the fuse box under the dash and no power is going to some of the fuses. I looked at the starter ignition switch and noticed the harness wont plug all...
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    Rebuilding 94 SC engine for my 92 SC

    Rebuilding 94 SC engine for my 92 SC Hey I need to know what are the differences between the 92 Sc engine and the 94 Sc engine. Im keep it stock so that way it will be easier to make it work. I ordered a 92 timing cover and oil pan, I noticed there was a sensor on the bottom of the 94 block is...
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    Used 89-93 Crankshaft sensor

    I need a crankshaft position sensor for a 89-93 sc. I know new ones aren't available so I need one for a spare engine im getting rebuilt.
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    New SC owner from CA

    Hello everyone, I just picked up a 92 Super Coupe. I had my 89 base model since 2012. I put alot of money in my old car when my tranny died, I also got alot of help getting my suspension fixed up with a PBR brake upgrade. I just wanted something nicer so I picked up this beauty. I'm new to...