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    FS: Koni shocks + Vogland springs Full set

    SOLD on 12/30/15. Thanks SCCOA !
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    Clutch Pedal Loose

    I wonder if he still has some left 7 years later ;) Any contact info ?
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    5.0 coyote t-56 95 mercury cougar

    To get that T56 to work, you will have to cut the shifter hole larger, and build the extension just like guys do with the T45 swaps. TR6060 (or the little brother 05+ T3650)is the way to go in the MN-12/FN-10 chassis. The input shaft is the same as T56 (as long as both transmissions are from a...
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    8.8 IRS 28-spline POSI Unit (only)

    I have a brand new FRPP 28 spline IRS specific unit if you wanted to go that way. Still in its original box, can ship anytime. PM me if the others don't work out. Thanks.
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    FS: Tokico Illumina II shocks

    Looks like I won't use these afterall. Absolutely brand new pair of front Tokico Illumina II shocks, compatible with ARC system. As good as SOLD. Deposit received last night. Thank you SCCOA !
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    Garage Lifts...Opinions and advice

    If you're gonna do any serious work, 2 post is a winner. Few more of the actual use ;)
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    Garage Lifts...Opinions and advice

    I've been using the Maxjax for little over 3 years. It's absolutely awesome. Zero issues with it. I built several exhausts, headers, painted underbodies, removed and installed countless engines, transmissions, subframes, whatever you can dream. Yes, sitting under the car is very convenient. My...
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    New wheels just in time for the winter

    How do you like the NT05Rs ? I wonder if they "work" better than the old 555Rs ?
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    Winter Project - Rear End Conversion

    It looks like the red car has the old subframe mount saddles cut out as well. Was it to make room for the torsion bars ?
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    Great communication, and prompt shipping. Chip was exactly as advertised. Deal link: Thanks man !
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    WTB lowering springs & shocks

    I have a pair of brand new front Tokico Illumina II shocks if you're still looking.
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    SCT chip with 5 position switch

    Payment sent. Thanks.
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    SCT chip with 5 position switch

    Looks good. My offer stands. Let me know, and thanks :)
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    SCT chip with 5 position switch

    If it's a 6600, how about $80 shipped ? I can always use some blanks. Can you email me with a picture ?
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    Aluminum Diff - Cobra or Mark VIII.

    I have a bare housing with caps and bolts, flange....etc available to ship anytime. 100 + actual shipping. I will also trade for another caliper relocation kit. I just got one from you the other day.
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    90 SC parts and some N/A 3.8 parts

    PM me about the clutch pedal assembly pricing. Thank you.
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    Hub swap parts and cobra brake brackets

    I have a pair of rear Cobra hubs if you still need them.